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A lone astronaut on an endurance mission is forced to cope with an intrusive force which threatens to derail the operation.
During the space race of the 1960's, the Soviets and Americans were at each other's throats, vying for a foothold in galactic exploration. Simultaneous to the superpower's struggle, a wealthy eccentric by the name of Arthur Whitman set out to search for his own stellar glory. His self-financed voyage would see him try to break the record for the longest single-manned space mission, and remain in orbit for 1 week.
This is a story of one man's struggle against the forces of nature, and the more powerful forces that lay within his own psyche.

Directed by John Merizalde
Produced by Takashi Doscher
Cinematography by David Torcivia
Released June 19th, 2012 to commemorate the 49th anniversary of the longest solo space flight in history. The record was set by Valery Bykovsky with a total flight time of 4 days and 23 hours.
The entire film was made on a budget of less than $700.
Added: 694 days ago by Takashi_Doscher
Runtime: 645.00
Views: 4811 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: There is this space dragons, reaching earth, a long time after the collapse of humanity. They are not interested by any of earth remaining ressources, as they can mine anywhere in space, but they are immensely interested by the history of tech civilisation that appeared here, for the impact that can have on their own philosophies.
They already found many planets sheltering lifeforms, but finding tech remains of a completely different civilisation that started to reverse engineer the universe itself, it is indeed for them, priceless.
They want to know how humanity appeared, what it discovered, and how it ended. To be able to explore the surface, they've been xeno-forming slightly the atmosphere, with minimal impact on the biosphere, with immense self building structures made of an alloy mixing earth less exotic mineral, called bauxite, and artificial nano organisms.
Now they are able to breath, the structures are entering a phase of controlled molecular decay, that will leave the earth untouched, as the sanctuary it is for them.
As they are cold blooded beings, and after evolving free from the reptilian brain, they did not developed death fearing religions, but rather a bunch of philosophies, aiming for the connexion of everything, and the decryption of the world.
That's why our little buddy, chose to study evolution of buddhism, trough its relation with human brain."

Directed by Loïc bramoullé
Original music by Thomas Barrandon
Mix & sound design by Resonant Step
Alien voice (sound design) by Morgan Hammel
Creature design, sculpt, surfacing: Loïc Bramoullé
Rig: Vincent Donaz, Daniel Quintero
Animation: Vincent Donaz, Daniel Quintero, Benoit Vincent, Aurélie Vigneron
Tracking, lighting, rendering: Rachad Meya, Loïc Bramoullé
Color grading, compositing: Vivien Ebran, Loïc Bramoullé
Matte paintings: Loïc bramoullé
Cloth simulation: Caroline Lobato
Particules & flares: Niels Prayer
Produced with the support of SupaRésidence ©
Added: 702 days ago by liok
Runtime: 100.00
Views: 6085 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: An Atlanta cabbie is forced to change his plans when he decides to drive an unlikely passenger.

Starring: Addy Miller & Ted Huckabee
Co-written and Directed by Takashi Doscher
Cinematography and Color Grading by David Torcivia
Co-written and Edited by John Merizalde
Art Direction by Dustin Fletcher
Costume Design by Amor Owens
Music Composed by Taylor Ronne
Added: 709 days ago by Takashi_Doscher
Runtime: 500.00
Views: 11427 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: In a broken corner of the world, while waiting at a bus stop people encounters the creature that causes the strange events.

Director: Serdar Çotuk - Bugra Ugur Sofu

-Animex Festival of Animation and Computer Games, Best Character Animation Award, England. 2015
-BEBKA 1st Anatolia Animation Competition, 3rd Best Film Award. Turkey 2015
-26th Istanbul International Short Film Festival, Animation Category, Best Film Award. Turkey 2014
-SETEM Academy 2nd BAK Awards, Animation Category, Best Animator Award. Turkey 2014
-SETEM Academy 2nd BAK Awards, Animations Category, Best Film Award. Turkey 2014

-65th International Film Festival Berlin, Turkish Cinema 2015, Short Film Section, Screening. Germany 2015
-9. River Film Festival, Finalist, Italy 2015
-XpoNorth Scotland's Leading Creative Industries Festival, Finalist. Scotland 2015
-Made-In-Michigan Film Festival, Finalist - USA 2015
-7th Annual Wallabout Film Festival. Finalist - USA 2015
-1st International Noncommercial Animation Festival BEAR, Finalist. Germany 2015
-2nd Chennai International Short Film Festival, Finalist. India 2015
-CA IT Awards. Finalist, USA 2014
-Italy Lago Film Fest Official Selection. Italy 2014
-Hiroshima International Animation Festival in Japan (Student Program), Selection. Japan 2014
-25th Ankara Film Festival, Short Films and Documentaries, Animation Category, Finalist. Turkey 2014
-67th Cannes Film Festival Turkey Stand Selection, France 2014
-9.Boston Turkish Film Festival, Documentary and Short Film Competition, Special Screening. USA 2014
-3rd International Kayseri Golden Plane Film Festival, Animation Category, Finalist. Turkey 2015
-13th Çevre Short Film Festival, Finalist. Turkey 2015
-1st Çukurova University Short Film Competition, Animation Category, Finalist, Turkey 2015
-15th International Izmir Short Film Festival, Animation Category, Finalist. Turkey 2014
-21st International Adana Golden Boll Film Festival, Student Films, Animation Category,Finalist. Turkey 2014
-9th Istanbul Animation Festival, Finalist. Turkey 2014
-3rd International Canlandiranlar Festival, Turkey Selection 2015
Added: 716 days ago by Serdar_Cotuk
Runtime: 180.00
Views: 6720 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: When John and Isaak’s space vessel is in jeopardy, they need to find a way to work together, or only one can survive.

Written,Directed and Produced by Dale Driver
Director of Photography - Richard Davis
Visual Director - Jim Peakman
Sound - Tony Agar
Camera Assistant - Dane Camille
Production Assistants - Steve Ringrose and Megan Slade
Production Designers - Dale Driver, John Oliver and Clive Driver
Original score composed by Alex Blackstaffe.
Peter Brooke as John
Marcus McMahon as Isaak

Blue Ridge Films © 2014

*Best Writing Award* From The Beyond Con 2015 - Chicago, U.S.
*Best Sci-Fi Runner Up* SoCal CIFF 2015 - Hollywood, California, U.S.
*Official Selection* Siliguri International Short Film Contest 2015 - Siliguri, India.
*Official Selection* Cannes Short Film Festival 2014 - Cannes, France.
*Best Sci-Fi Runner Up* ITSA Film Festival 2014 - Sonara, California, U.S.
*Official Selection* Internationales Filmfest Braunschweig 2014 - Braunschweig, Germany.
*Goodwin Prize and Audacity Prize Nominations* - Reel East Film Festival 2014, New Jersey, U.S.
*Best International Film Runner Up.* - North Jefferson Independent Film Series 2014, Alabama U.S .
*Official Selection* Fargo Fantastic Film Festival 12 - Fargo, ND, U.S.
*'Best in Show' Nomination* - Blissfields Festival 2014, U.K.
*Semi-Finalist, Best Drama* - Highway 61 Film Festival 2014, Pine City U.S.
*Best Student Short Nomination* West Virginia Filmmaker Festival 2014, U.S.
*Official Selection* - Geek Film Festival, Charlotte North Carolina, U.S.
*Official Selection* - JUMPTHECUT 2014 Online selection.
*Official Selection* - Sir Charles Darwin Film Festival 2014, London U.K.
*Official Selection* - Viewster Online Film Festival, 2014.
*Official Selection* - Art and Algorithms 2014, Titusville Florida, U.S.
*Official Selection* - Rapid Eye Movement 2014, Warwick Arts Centre, U.K.
Added: 722 days ago by Dale_Driver
Runtime: 900.00
Views: 12061 | Comments: 0
"The Golden Fish" is a student animation short inspired by the works of the Bulgarian poet and prose writer Hristo Smirnenski.

Director & Writer: Irina Armenkova
Music: George Strezov
Sound: Mariana Vulkanova, Valeria Popova
Violin: Kalina Miteva
Celo: Vesislava Todorova
Animation: Irina Armenkova
Animation Assistants: Rositsa Vangelova, Denitsa Hristova, Petko Modev, Anita Toncheva, Gergina Vasileva, Iva Grueva

First prize for animation short 16th Student film festival of New Bulgarian University

Festival selections and screenings:
- International Animation Film Festival "ReAnimania", (Yerevan, Armenia) - Graduation Films competition
- International Animation Festival "Anim'est", (Bucharest, Romania) - Bakanimation competition
- The International Animation Film Festival "Golden Kuker", (Sofia, Bulgaria) - Student films competition
- 9th World Festival of Animated Film, (Varna, Bulgaria) - Student Film Competition
- Anibar International Animation Festival, (Peja, Kosovo) - Balkan Competition
- 20th Festival of Bulgarian Animation and Documentary Films "Zlaten riton", (Plovdiv, Bulgaria) - Animation Films Competition
- BeThere! Corfu Animation Festival, (Corfu, Greece) Panorama programme
- Festival TOFUZI 2013, (Tbilisi, Georgia) Program of Informative
Added: 729 days ago by Irina_Armenkova
Runtime: 376.00
Views: 10534 | Comments: 0
Synopsis (fr): Une limace se perd dans la forêt en quête de champignons. jusqu'à ce qu'elle en trouve un plus fort qu'elle.
Synopsis (en): A slug is lost in the forest for mushrooms. until she found a stronger than she.

Réalisateur: jef dubrana
Added: 729 days ago by jefdubrana
Runtime: 263.00
Views: 11725 | Comments: 0
Synopsis (fr): Deux petits monstres se chamaillent.
Synopsis (en): Two little monsters squabble.

Réalisateur: jef dubrana
Added: 729 days ago by jefdubrana
Runtime: 118.00
Views: 11501 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: In the spring of 2013, Canadian adventurer Bruce Kirkby crossed the Georgia Straight from Vancouver to Victoria on an inflatable standup paddleboard. In this award-winning short film, he contemplates the true meaning of adventure.

Director/Cinematographer: Kalum Ko
SUP/Narrator/Producer: Bruce Kirkby
Support Kayak: Dave Quinn
Producer: Jeff Pew
Music: Divenire, Ludovico Einaudi

World Tour - 2013 Banff Mountain Film Festival
Winner- "Most Inspirational" - 2013 Waterwalker Film Festival
Runner Up - 2014 Fernie Mountain Film Festival
Finalist - 2013 Banff Mountain Film Festival
Finalist - 2013 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival
Finalist - 2013 Waimea Ocean Film Festival
Finalist - 2013 Virginia Beach Surf Film Festival
Finalist - 2013 Reel Shorts Film Festival
Finalist - 2014 Salish Sea Film Festival
Finalist - 2014 Vancouver Festival of Ocean Films
Finalist - 2014 Dirtbag Film Festival
Finalist - 2014 New Zealand Mountain Film Festival
Added: 736 days ago by Kalum_Ko
Runtime: 205.00
Views: 1747 | Comments: 0
Synopsis(en): Two grannies decide to attack a bank to finance their trip to The Stool Museum
Synopsis(fr): Deux mamies decident de s'attaquer à une banque pour financer leur voyage au musée du tabouret.

A graduation Film created at Supinfocom, by Eva Navaux, Burcu Sankur, Vincent Meunier, Lionel Arnold, Dario Sabato, Pierre plouzeau.
Added: 743 days ago by Pierre_Plouzeau
Runtime: 295.00
Views: 11062 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: A psychological portrait of two women: one cannot forget what she'd experienced – the other is forgetting against her will. The former is a Polish woman who runs away to the UK from her husband, taking their two daughters with her; the latter is a wealthy Englishwoman , who offers her a job. Each is going through a deeply personal trauma: Teresa is trying to give up the role of a victim and a co-dependent alcoholic wife, while Elizabeth is struggling against memory loss and being abused by her useless son, who lies and steals from her. A sudden visit of Teresa’s husband to the UK will completely change the course of events and cause that their life will not stay the way as it used to be.

Director: Agnieszka Trzos
Writer: Agnieszka Trzos
Editor: Marcin Kot Bastkowski
Dop - Witold Stok
Music - Bartek Gliniak
Producer - Agnieszka Trzos
Co-producers - Andrew Gillman, Anne Beresford
Production - Akili Film Production
Co-production - Artemisia Films
Supported by Programme Media and Polish Film Institute
Poland, Great Britain 2012
Cast: Agata Kulesza, Eileen Nicholas, Marek Kalita, James Doherty, Marysia Koz?owska, Marta Juras
Added: 750 days ago by Marcin_Kot_Bastkowski
Runtime: 639.00
Views: 6182 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: This is the story of a house which escapes from its suburban foundations and sets off on an epic journey.

A short movie by Pierre Clenet, Alejandro Diaz, Romain Mazevet and Stéphane Paccolat, made in Supinfocom Arles during our last year in 2013. Original music by Valentin Lafort.

Festival Awards and Selections
- Best Computer Animated Short Film Award at Siggraph 2014
- 3rd Place Award Panam Anim 2013
- Special Mention from the jury Cut Out Festival Mexico 2014
- Festvial ASIFA Golden Award
- Cannes’s Cinéfondation 2014
- Siggraph 2014
- Siggraph Asia 2014
- 15th Animation Show of Shows
- Shelley Page's Eye Candy Show 2013
- International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart 2014
- Bristol Encounters Festival 2013
- Panam-anim 2013
- Paris Courts-Devant 2013
- Villeurbanne 2013
- Rencontres Henri Langlois Poitiers 2013
- CutOut Festival 2013
- 5ème Festival Ciné-court animé de Roanne 2013
- Festival MONSTRA's 2014
- Festival Effets Stars
- Festival HAFF
- Festival FILMETS
- Future Film Festival
Added: 758 days ago by Pierre_Clenet
Runtime: 600.00
Views: 9923 | Comments: 0
AWAY is a short documentary film that looks at the subculture of NYC surfing through the lens of three women that surf at Rockaway Beach.
Official Selection in: New York Surf Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival, Queens World Film Festival, Aotearoa Surf Film Festival, San Diego Surf Film Festival, Board Shorts Film Festival, Pop-up Surf Film Festival, Never Stop Surf Film Festival, New York Open Film Festival

Directed and Produced by Elisa Bates
Cinematography by Dan Hedges and David Sosnow
GoPro Camera footage by: George Bates
Edited by Stephanie Gould
Music by Sean Eden
Sound Mix by Jeff Seelye.
Added: 765 days ago by Elisa_Bates
Runtime: 840.00
Views: 12333 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: I was walking along a path with two friends – the sun was setting – suddenly the sky turned blood red – I paused, feeling exhausted, and leaned on the fence – there was blood and tongues of fire above the blue-black fjord and the city – my friends walked on, and I stood there trembling with anxiety – and I sensed an infinite scream passing through nature.” Edvard Munch, 1893

Director: Sebastian Cosor
Art: Cosmin Sirbulescu
Voices: Alistair Willis, Leslie Warren
Added: 771 days ago by Safe_Frame
Runtime: 202.00
Views: 6324 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: An unknown virus has destroyed almost the entire human population. Oblivious to the true nature of the disease, the only remaining survivors escape to the sea. In great ships, they set off in search of uninhabited land. So begins the exodus, led by one man ...

WRITER AND DIRECTOR: Grzegorz Jonkajtys
PRODUCERS: Grzegorz Jonkajtys, Marcin Kobylecki
CO-PRODUCERS: Jaroslaw Sawko, Piotr Sikora
3D ARTISTS: Steve Arguello, Alex Federici, Joe Hoback, Kevin Hoppe, Szymon Kaszuba, Grzegorz Krzysik, Slawomir Latos, Votch Levi, Olek Lyzwanski, Radoslaw Nowakowski, Bartosz Opatowiecki, Akira Orikasa, Marcin Pazera, Piotr Rusnarczyk, Aaron Singer, Bartosz Tomaszewski, Piotr Tomczyk, Gabriel Vargas
CHARACTER ANIMATION: Grzegorz Jonkajtys, Grzegorz Kukus, Lukasz Muszynski, Tracy Irwin
PAINT ARTISTS: Damian Bajowski, Lei Jin, Krzysiek Kamrowski, Pawel Lewandowski, Marcin Pazera, Maria Strzelecka
R&D: Adam Wierzchowski
MODEL BUILDERS: Marcin Kobylecki, Tomas Mayer
MUSIC: Pawel Blaszczak, Adam Skorupa
SFX: Adam Skorupa
THEATER MIX: Tomasz Sikora, Piotr Knop
TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Tomasz Kruszona, Piotr Getka, Danny Torres, Michael Torres
Added: 773 days ago by Jonkajtys
Runtime: 0.00
Views: 12856 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: Zeus envoit Hadès son frère sur terre pour punir les humains...

Production: Les Nous / Soundlife
Réalisateur: Thierry Ollive-Ramoin
Assistant réalisateur: Guillaume Levil
Chef operateur: Maxime Gaudet
1 assistante caméra: Maelis Donnet
Ingénieur Son: Samuel Debout
Musique: Damien Maurel
Chef electro: Florian Martinez
Chef Machino: Yorgan Sion
Maquillage: Alicia Harricane
Regisseur général: Laure Ollive
Régisseur adjoint: Thomas Collart
Production: Nicolas Castelbou

Acteurs: Hadès: fayçal Safil, Zeus: Christian Fabrice, Thor: Axel Boirot. Avec Laure Ollive, Céline Carasco, Laure Maloisel, Sébastien Mat, Christophe Lignon, Zoe Viaud, William Rageau, Thomas Collart, Antoine Caree, Elodie Roumejon, Jean Girard, Jeannine Girard, Liam Engle, Guillaume Levil, Idriss Forte, Kevin Massol, Florian Martinez, Samuel Debout, Jean-Michel Doublet, Jérôme Doublet, Evelyne Doublet
Added: 773 days ago by tequila34
Runtime: 840.00
Views: 11564 | Comments: 0
Synopsis (en): "Ivor’s life is turned upside down after a falling plant pot sparks a series of paranoid reactions."

Synopsis (fr): La vie d'Ivor est bouleversée suite à un pot de plante qui tombe et qui provoque une série de réactions paranoïdes

Written, designed and directed by Joseph Wallace
Music: Kit Wilson
Sound: Jack Vaughan
Model making: Emma-Rose Dade, Joseph Wallace, Sinead Oram
Puppet costume: James Hadrill
Animation: Joseph Wallace
Director of Photography and Assistant Animation: Emma-Rose Dade
Drawn animation: Gemma Roberts
Compositing: Lewys Hobden, Emma-Rose Dade

Winner 'Best Animation', One Voice Festival 2012
2nd Prize Royal Television Society Student Animation Award
Winner of 'Best Up-and-Coming Talent Award 2011' Canterbury Anifest
Winner of 'Best Film' Newport Animation Awards 2011.
Added: 779 days ago by Joseph_Wallace
Runtime: 268.00
Views: 7822 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: A brother and sister are confronted by the malevolent, supernatural entity responsible for their father's mysterious disappearance.

Director: Len LoBiondo
Writers: Molo Alcocer Délano, Len LoBiondo
Stars: Kelly Blatz, Cassidy Boyd, Richard Burgi
Added: 784 days ago by Len_LoBiondo
Runtime: 1200.00
Views: 6836 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: Caminandes that takes place in Southern Patagonia, in South America.

Director: Pablo Vazquez Graphics: Pablo Vazquez - pablovazquez.org Beorn Leonard - beornleonard.blogspot.com Francesco Siddi - fsiddi.com Sound & Music: Jan Morgenstern - janmorgenstern.com
Added: 792 days ago by Pablo_Vazquez
Runtime: 146.00
Views: 8110 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: On a summer vacation driving, a young couple struggles to maintain a relationship when they encounter a mysterious alien phenomenon.

Production: Vitaly Verlov
Director: Vitaly Verlov
Acteurs: Nina Golovach, Mike Mironenko
Added: 800 days ago by VitalyVerlov
Runtime: 600.00
Views: 10877 | Comments: 0
Synopsis(fr): Philipe Marcette, ancienne figure méconnue du banditisme belge et du trafic de drogue, n’était pas destinés à cette vie. Adopté par une des plus grandes familles bourgeoises belges, son mode de vie ne le comble pas. Il lui faut autre chose, quelque chose de plus fort, de plus vivant et de plus exaltant. Très jeune il fonde son groupe, "les blousons dorés", des petits rois du cambriolage. Par la suite, il fera son apprentissage en prison où les gangsters deviendront sa nouvelle famille. A sa sortie, il réussit ses premiers braquages, et son instinct d’honneur lui fait gagner ses premiers galons. S’ensuit le trafic de cocaïne, qui rapporte plus gros à chaque livraison et qui se conclura par un démantèlement d’un vrai réseau international quelques années plus tard. Au fur et à mesure une addiction se crée et la cocaïne devient son quotidien. A l’âge de 54 ans, on dit de lui qu’il est un miraculé, et il essaye de se reconstruire dans un mode vie normale, mais arrêter n’est pas guérir.

Synopsis(en): Philipe Marcette, ancient figure unknown to the Belgian crime and drug trafficking, was not intended for this life. Adopted by one of the largest Belgian bourgeois families, their lifestyle does not fill it. He needs something else, something harder, more alive and more exhilarating. Very young he founded his group, "the golden jackets," small kings of burglary. Thereafter, he will do his apprenticeship in prison where gangsters become her new family. On leaving, he managed his first robberies, and instinct of honor earned him his first stripes. Follows cocaine trafficking, which brings bigger with each delivery and which will conclude with a dismantling of a true international network a few years later. In As an addiction is created and becomes his daily cocaine. At the age of 54 years, said that he is a miracle, and he tries to rebuild a normal life style, but stop not heal.

Réalisation : Benvenuti Damien
Chef Opérateur : Taha Nouri
Ingénieur Son et Montage son : Othman Asmami
1er Ass. Réalisateur : Jules Pourchet
1er Ass. Caméra : Rami Aloui
Chef Electro et Machinerie : Boris Oue
PerchMan : Othman Ismaili Alaoui
Script : Yumi Tahiri
Montage et Etalonnage : Benvenuti Damien
Mixage Son : Reda Ilidrissi
Acteurs: Paul DUBOIS, Philippe MARCETTE
Added: 800 days ago by Nuti
Runtime: 360.00
Views: 9379 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: Nick and Mia meets for the first time. They know nothing about each other and seem to know everything about everyone else. But sometimes the less you know, the better...
Synopsis (fr): Nick et Mia se rencontrent pour la première fois. Ils ne savent rien de l'autre mais semblent tout savoir sur tout le monde. Mais parfois, moins vous en savez, mieux...

Directed by Robert Hloz
Written by: Matias Caruso
DOP: Colin Lee
Sound: Samuel Jurkovic
Edit: Filip Vesely
Cast: Heejin Jung, Woogun Park

Nominated to the Czech Academy Award 2012 (Czech Lion)
Cannes Court Métrage
Visegrad Shorts On Tour - Best Picture
Les Enfants Terribles - Press Jury Prize
Show Me Shorts (Academy Awards accredited) - Best International Film Finalist
Dresden Film Fest - Jury Special mention
Gijon IFF (Academy Awards accredited) - Official selection
Klapka 2013 - Best Picture, Best Screenplay
Badalona IFF - Official Selection
Fresh Film Fest - Fresh Czech Official Selection
MFSF 2012 - Official Selection
AIFF 2012 - Official Selection
Golden Anteaters - Masters of Short Form - Official Selection
Added: 806 days ago by Robert_Hloz
Runtime: 584.00
Views: 7479 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: In the aftermath of an apocalypse, a mans tragic loss leads him to an unequivocal decision.

The film was shot at the demilitarized zone between Israel and Jordan, as a sophomore project for Sapir Academic College, Israel.

Festival highlights:
Sitges Film Festival 2009
Imagine: Amsterdam Film Festival 2010
FanTasia International Film Festival 2010.
Audience Award - Shorts@Fringe, Azures Festival 2014

Written & Directed by: Dan Sachar
Produced by: Guy Lahav
Cinematographer: Dan Sachar
Editor: Nelli Guy

Cast: Miko Ben Porat
Nili Sachar
Added: 813 days ago by Dan_Sachar
Runtime: 394.00
Views: 5924 | Comments: 0
Synopsis (en): A man awakes to find himself locked up in his barricaded apartment. He has no chance of escaping. And he is not alone...
Synopsis (fr): Un homme se réveille enfermé dans son appartement. Il n'a aucune chance de sortir. Et il n'est pas seul...

Writer, Producer, Director: Erik Lehmann
Co-Producer: Beatrice Lehmann Sigrid Hensse, Tommy Scheer
Executive Producer: Robert Schulz
Associate Producer: Sebastian Boensch, Henrik Lehmann
Set Manager: Tommy Scheer
Continuity: Manfred Behrndt
Acting Coach: Julia Graf
Camera: Stephan Paul
1ST Camera Assistant: Antje Heidemann
2ND Camera Assistant: Philipp Goers
Set Photographer: Gereon Zwosta
Gaffer: Felix Buensch, Todd Charmont
Lighting Electrician: Eva Gehnk,e Thomas Standtke, Chasper Senn
Lighting Electrician Assistant: Silke Schoenfeld
Sound Mixer: Bernd Latzel
Costume Designer: Erik Lehmann
Costume Standby: Nicole Rauhuth
Costume Buyer: Beatrice Lehmann
Makeup Artist: Gesa-Lina Wasle, Leonie Rummel
Set Designer: Friederike Kunze, Erik Lehmann, Sophia Neumann
Set Builder: Arne Scholz, Bernd Richter, David Boehme, Mathias Poschmann
Stunt Coordinator: Volkram Zschiesche
Model Maker: Daniel Brkovic, Erik Lehmann
Driver Captain: Bernd Richter
Driver Co Captain: Alfred Keweloh
Driver: Martin Richter
Casting Director: Erik Lehmann
Casting Assistant: Julia Graf, Beatrice Lehmann, Michel Schueler
Catering Leader: Michaela Seeliger, Raina Seeliger
Music & Sound Design: Timm-Eric Heiland
Editor: Erik Lehmann
Compositor: Kalle Max Hofmann
Concept Artist: Martin Bohm, ARRI MITTE
Head Of Production: Wolf Bosse, Frieda Oberlin
Digital Colorist: Nico Hauter

Casting: Michel Schueler, Barbara Meier, Sebastian Rein, Kai Holzapfel, Dominik Hermanns, Volkram Zschiesche, Christoph Drobig, Todd Charmont, Philipp Hutz, Wilm Zunkel, Thomas Standtke, Sebastian Hanke
Added: 821 days ago by Erik_Lehmann
Runtime: 1200.00
Views: 9113 | Comments: 0
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