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Synopsis EN: A woman trapped fight to get a new life.
Synopsis FR: Une femme battue se bat pour avoir une nouvelle vie

Cast: Carmen Vilao, Ramiro Alonso, José Antonio Marín & Marta Carrillo.
Director: Albert Lagos Muñumel
Scriptwriters: Albert Lagos Muñumel
Producer & Production Manager: Albert Lagos Muñumel
Cinematographer: Felipe Vargas Welch
Original Music: Gabriel Shadid & Tobias Marberger
First AD: Vicenç Guivernau
Editor: Albert Lagos Muñumel
Sound: Raúl Arias
Sound Designer: Raúl Arias
Make up: Lola Funes
Added: 569 days ago by Albert_Lagos_Munumel
Runtime: 261.00
Views: 6293 | Comments: 0
Synopsis EN: In the early years of the 20th century, two climbers make the traditional ascent, carrying a statue of the Virgin Mary to the top of a mountain.
Synopsis FR: Au début du 20 ème siècle, deux grimpeurs font leur traditionnelle ascension en emportant avec eux la statue de la vierge Marie en haut de la montagne.

Directors: Thomas Bourdis, Martin de Coudenhove, Caroline Domergue, Colin Laubry, Florian Vecchione
Compositor: Seth Stewart
Added: 576 days ago by Thomas_Bourdis
Runtime: 83.00
Views: 3712 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: The last man on earth decides to take some drastic action.

Cast: Matthew Jure
Writer/Director/Producer: Carlo Ortu
Director of Photography: Andrew Fleming
Cam Ass: Jonathan L. Flint
Sound: David Major
1st AD: Craig Catlow
Production Designer: Graham Chalk
Runners: Josh Bamber, Luqman Ahmed
Sound Mix: David Major & Ben Hood
Editor: Carlo Ortu
VFX Compositor: John Sellings
Grader: Andrew Fleming
Music: Stuart Briner
Added: 583 days ago by Carlo_Ortu
Runtime: 139.00
Views: 6632 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: Un scientifique défit le Rhinocéros dans un duel motorisé. La course étant truqué par le scientifique, le Rhinocéros doit déjouer plusieurs pièges mis au point par son adversaire.

Réalisateur: Jean-marc MONTAROU
Added: 591 days ago by Le Rhinoceros
Runtime: 500.00
Views: 6173 | Comments: 0
One might be tempted to polish the thing, arrangements and background music by Miss Parker are no less tense. And even if guitars blow a melody, the voice is dark and the bass is melancholic.
Almost Like if Manchester's sky was fallen on Marseille insidiously.

Directed by Stéphane Esse
Added: 591 days ago by Esse
Runtime: 291.00
Views: 6471 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: Un scientifique invente un procédé qui permet de manipuler mentalement les individus par l’intermédiaire de corbeaux possédant un pouvoir hypnotique.

Réalisateur: Jean-marc MONTAROU
Added: 591 days ago by Le Rhinoceros
Runtime: 433.00
Views: 5996 | Comments: 0
Story, Direction & Animation: Or Bar-El
Drums: Dror Goldstein
Sfx: Joni Bar Ilan
Compositing: Tammuz Kay
Rigging and TD: Yair Halpern
Special Thanks:
Anat Costi, Yair Halpern, Gilad Kenan

Synopsis: A regular line, a regular work and a regular life. But what's happen when something new is coming?
Synopsis: Une ligne régulière, un travail régulier et une vie régulière. Mais que se passe t'il quand quelque chose de nouveau survient?
Added: 598 days ago by OrBarEl
Runtime: 446.00
Views: 7010 | Comments: 0
Here is the new Reservoir Films Trailer for 2016
Voici la nouvelle bande annonce de Reservoir Films pour 2016

Added: 598 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 62.00
Views: 5368 | Comments: 0
The John is a darkly comic story of sexual experimentation gone away.

Starring - Laura Dale / Richard Glover
SET DESIGN - Alf Guedeney
SOUND - Sean Smith / Stephen Earle
1st AC - Simon Brand
2nd AC - Izzy Pullen
MAKE UP - Jo Lorrimer
COSTUME - Olivia Weltz
CASTING - Ri McDaid-Wren
1st AD - Dan Baker
RUNNERS - Andrew Cowans / Tasha Turner-Wray
PRODUCER - Dominic Hicks
POST-PRODUCER - Jack Laurance
EDITING - Jack Singer
COLOUR GRADE - Paul Dimond
SOUND - Jedd Garnier
FEAT MUSIC BY - The Fat White Family
Added: 605 days ago by dommakesfilms
Runtime: 494.00
Views: 5863 | Comments: 0
La septième édition du Festival international du film court de Jouy-en-Josas se déroulera du 05 au 07 février 2016.
The seventh edition of the Jouy-en-Josas LODUC International Short-Film Festival will be held from 05th to 07th February 2016

Téléchargez l'application du Festival sur Google Play
Téléchargez l'application du Festival sur l'AppStore !

Added: 612 days ago by lesfilmsavenir
Runtime: 79.00
Views: 5196 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: In this Visual Poem of Contentment, a young book lover tries desperately to get the book everyone else has.

Animated by John Mervin
Music by Aaron Pantling
Special thanks to Madre
A Chocolate Thunder Production
Added: 612 days ago by John_Mervin
Runtime: 330.00
Views: 5776 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: Une femme, confrontée à la violence masculine, doit se battre pour gagner sa liberté.

Scénario : Angélique BOSSY et Stéphane ZUEDE
Réalisatrice : Angélique BOSSY
Coréalisateur : Stéphane ZUEDE
Producteur : Stéphane ZUEDE
Coproductrice : Angélique BOSSY
Caméraman : Stéphane ZUEDE
Preneur de son : Stéphane ZUEDE
Clap et scripte : Christiane BOSSY
Montage : Stéphane ZUEDE et Angélique BOSSY
Assistants montage : Sébastien CAMBIER et Candys RAULET
Conseiller technique : Ste?phane BENINI
Maquillage effets spéciaux : Fouad BAKESSOU
Assistante maquillage effets spéciaux : Laetitia AMELINE
Décors et partenaires : TCRM-Blida, Bout d’essais, Studio Super5, Sapin brut, Laurent STEINER
Musique : Chasing the blood money – Venator Music (no copyright)

La femme: Angélique BOSSY

Fouad BAKESSOU, Christophe BERTAUX, Sébastien CAMBIER, Wilfrid DEMOISSON, Jérémy DUSCONI, Marino LEONE, Stéphane MAINGRE, Sharif MOHAMMAD, Maurice RATY, Sami THELEB
Added: 615 days ago by Angelique_Bossy
Runtime: 0.00
Views: 7565 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: Alice, a medical student, buys herself a camera because she is convinced to have a rare disease and wants to prove it. Obsessed with this illness that eats her away, she neglects Ben, her boyfriend who remains powerless. Alice then starts to mutilate herself to get to what's hidden underneath.

Réalisatrice: Merryl Roche
1ere assistante réalisatrice: Camille Marchandiau
Directeur de la photographie: Oscar Viguier
Ingénieur du son: Zoé Just et Axel Wursthorn
Accessoiriste: Domitille Chambon Maquilleuse: Emilia Simova Monteur: Axel Annicette
Acteurs: Merryl Roche, Emmanuel Lévy, Ophélie Lehmann, Arnauld Le Ridant
Added: 618 days ago by Merryl_Roche
Runtime: 1200.00
Views: 5636 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: The naked truth about life, the universe and everything.

Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Directors & Script: Matthias Bäuerle, Gabriel Borgetto, Bernd Faaß
Director of Photography: Bernd Faaß
Producer: Felix Ruple
Editor: Bernd Faaß
Staging: Gabriel Borgetto
Visual Effects: Matthias Bäuerle
Production Design: Roman Nowak
Art Director: Matthias Bäuerle
Composer: Balz Aliesch
Sounddesign: Jonathan Lasarzewski, Hans-Peter Schumacher
Make-Up: Judith Gerdsmeier
Casting: Gabriel Borgetto

Adam: Philip Wilhelmi
Eva: Hannah Kobitzsch
Priest: Moritz Berg
Smith: Michael Görgner
Innkeeper: Falk Tröber
Speaker: Christian Serritiello

Golden Award of Montreux 2014
Art Directors Club 2013
New German Directors Showcase 2013
10. Porsche International Student Advertising Film Award (New Ways Award)
12. International Student Film and Video Festival Beijing (Audience Award)
10. International Low & No Budget Film Festival Film-Sharing
Added: 626 days ago by Felix_Ruple
Runtime: 467.00
Views: 5613 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: Joe, who is busy running an old roadside petrol station, decides to take a break and have a beer. His efforts at enjoying his beer fail because someone is robbing him right under his nose.

An animation from Katue Studio
Added: 632 days ago by katue_studio
Runtime: 469.00
Views: 7242 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: When three fidelity phobic misfits find themselves in the same cafe, their love and hate for all things romance related make them far more similar than they think.

Directed by Reggie Yates
Producer: Yemi Bamiro
Director of Photography: Ben Spence
Film Editor: Paul O'Reilly
Colourist: Jateen Patel
Titles: Jeremy Cole
1st Assistant Director: Dan Gibling
Sound Recordist: Will Morley
Added: 640 days ago by Reggie_Yates
Runtime: 336.00
Views: 3515 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: Baxter the raccoon makes his way into Granny's Sweet Shop, but upon entering he gets so obsessed with the candy that he creates his own downfall.

Written & Directed by Ty Coyle
Co-Producers: Ty Coyle & Michael Bond IV
Visual Development: Ty Coyle, Rachel Schmieg, Jerry Suh, Delfin Gomez
Character Model: Chris Folea
Character Rig: Kate Kirby-O'Connell
Character Texture: Terry D Barrett II, Natalie Greenhill
Prop Rig: Nelio Naut

The 41st Annual Student Academy Awards - The Student Oscars - Best Animated Film Nominee
Winner - Best Animation - The Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival 2013
Winner - Best Student Film - The New Jersey Film Festival Spring 2014
Winner - Best Animation - The River Bend Film Festival 2014
Winner - Best Animation - The Atlanta Underground Film Festival 2014
Winner - Outstanding Achievement in Animation - Williamsburg International Film Festival 2014
Winner - Award of Merit - Best Shorts Competition 2014
Example Film for the Boy Scouts of America Animation Merit Badge
International OCD Foundation Select Film 2015
Added: 646 days ago by Ty_Coyle
Runtime: 175.00
Views: 7895 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: Joseph is an astronaut set to go where no man has gone in the Universe through the hibernation program. But something is wrong between him and his instructor Claire, and the countdown for the lift-off is on.

Writers: Eric Navarro & Jon Mikel Caballero
Producers: Cristian Guijarro & Jon Mikel Caballero
Production Manager: Cristian Guijarro
Director of Photography: Tânia da Fonseca
Production Designer: Clara Álvarez
Make Up & Hair: Marc Zorrilla & Almudena Ruiz
Sound: Cristian Amores & Fernando Pocostales
Costume Designer: Susanna de la fuente
Editor: Elena Ruiz
Composer: Chucky Namanera
VFX Supervisors: Merge VFX
Starring: Adam Quintero, Manuela Vellés.
20 winning awards and nominated in 110 festivals.
Added: 653 days ago by Jon_Mikel_Caballero
Runtime: 960.00
Views: 6411 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: A small group of cruise-ship revellers find themselves alone on a tropic island.
Forced inland, their exploration reveals the mystery that lies at it heart...

A short movie by Rémy BUSSON, Francis CANITROT, Aurélien DUHAYON, Sébastien IGLESIAS, Maxence MARTIN, Paùl MONGE
Graduation movie from Supinfocom Arles 2012.
Added: 661 days ago by azul_team
Runtime: 0.00
Views: 8981 | Comments: 0
Genre : Fiction. Durée : 14'30 Avec Boureima Ouedraogo et Bintia Seck

Added: 661 days ago by Athalie
Runtime: 0.00
Views: 6422 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: A young man desperate for cash finds himself willing to do almost anything to get back on his feet. When a deal isn't quite what he expects, what he is willing to give up could cost him his life.

***Nominated for Cinematography and Best Fiction short for Watersprite 2012: The Cambridge International Student Film Festival*** Written and Directed by Matthew Nerber
Photographed and Edited by J.R Dise
Sound recording by Jonathan Bates & Michael Brown
Cast: Michael Donovan & Matthew Nerber
Added: 668 days ago by JR_Dise
Runtime: 723.00
Views: 8571 | Comments: 0
Animation project based on the concept of silhouettes.

Oskar Schuster - Fjarlægur (Cypix Remix) by Cypix is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.

Added: 675 days ago by Lisa_Treml
Runtime: 116.00
Views: 5442 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: A young couple's marriage hilariously hits the rocks during a weekend wedding in the country.

Written by Laura Solon, Ben Willbond
Produced by Frederic Casella, Ben Willbond
Directed by Frederic Casella
Editor: Michael Duxbury

Peter: Ben Willbond
Alison: Laura Solon
Tooty: Daisy Haggard
Aiden: Mathew Baynton

Discovery Award Best Short Film (LoCo - The London Comedy Film Festival 2013)
Special Jury Mention & 2nd place Audience Choice Award (Bermuda International Film Festival 2012)
Best Foreign Short & Best Director Short Film (LA Comedy Festival 2011)
Grand Prize Best Comedy (Rhode Island International Film Festival 2011)
Jury Prize Best Short Film (Friars Club Comedy Film Festival 2011)
Best Comedy (Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2011)
Award of Merit (The Accolade Competition, Autumn 2011)
Added: 682 days ago by Frederic_Casella
Runtime: 1048.00
Views: 5342 | Comments: 0
WIND is an animated short about the daily life of people living in a windy area who seem helplessly exposed to the weather. However, the inhabitants have learned to deal with their difficult living conditions.
The wind creates a natural system for living.

Director: Robert Löbel
Sound design: David Kamp
Particles: Jochen Weidner

Audience Award - 56th DOK Leipzig 2013
Defa Foundation Award - Filmfest Dresden 2013
NW Animation Fest's "Best Student Film" 2013
Special Mention - National Competition - Filmfest Dresden 2013
Hamburg Animation Award 2013 + Harald Siepermann Character Design Price 2013
Special Mention - Young Animation - ITFS - Internationales Trickfilm-Festival 2013 Stuttgart
Special Distinction - SICAF 2013 - Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival
Special Mention - Supertoon 2013 - SIBENIK, Croatia
Jury + Audience Award - Kurzsuechtig Leipzig 2013
backup award - Animation Award - backup Festival Weimar 2013
Audience Award - Favourites Film Festival Berlin 2013
Special mention - Student Film category - 9th World Festival of Animated Film in Varna, Best Animation + Audience Award - AHOI - International Student Shortfilmfest Hamburg Audience Award - 56th DOK Leipzig
Special Distinction - PISAF 2013, Korea
Special Price - Animax Skopje, Macedonia
Special Mention - Expotoons 2013
"Veliki Brcko"Price PSSST! Silent film festival prize, Zagreb
Added: 689 days ago by robert_loebel
Runtime: 230.00
Views: 4087 | Comments: 0
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