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Synopsis (EN):A woman. A old apartment. Pictures.
Synopsis (FR): Une femme. Un ancien appartement. Des photos.

Réalisation: Vincent TEMPLEMENT & Adrien PALLATIER Avec Flavie Péan et Ophélie Montel
Maquillage : David Scherer
Crédits musique générique : Niats - Origines
Label Banzaï Lab niats.fr/
Crédits musique Jamendo : Zsmusica - Adrenalina
Thierry de Massia - Paranormal room 3
Crédits musique Freesound : Yewbic - PhantomPhanGurl101 - Ztrees - Hanstimm - xDimebagx - Hoerspielwerkstatt_HEF
Crédits bruitages: freesfx.co.uk/
Added: 73 days ago by Vincent_Templement
Runtime: 300.00
Views: 333 | Comments: 0
This is a short I directed with Celine Desrumaux at Wyldstallyons for the wwf ( wwf.org )
An ecological project for a viral campaign.
We did everything in a little more than 3 weeks, from the storyboard to the final render.
It's a mix between 2D and 3D.

You can see more artworks here :
Céline's blog : groovythesushi.blogspot.com
Yann's blog : yannbenedi.blogspot.com/
Wyldstallyons : wyldstallyons.com/

Director and Animator YANN ET CELINE
Storyboards CHRIS SAYER
Sound Design JASON ARBER
Creative Director WYLD STALLYONS
Producer for Wyld Stallyons NATALIE BUSUTTIL
Producer for Bostock and Pollitt JONTY ROOTS
Account Manager JO THORPE
Added: 101 days ago by yann_benedi
Runtime: 130.00
Views: 841 | Comments: 0
written & directed by Sasha C. Damjanovski
VIDEO OF THE WEEK, by AWARDO.TV, 25. May, 2015

Synopsis (en): A greedy multinational company, a poetic vision of the end of the world, an extraordinary drug-induced dream, great love. Not necessarily in that order.
Synopsis (fr): Une multinationale, une vision poétique de la vie, un rêve extraordinaire provoqué par un médicament. Mais pas nécessairement dans cet ordre !
Added: 128 days ago by Sasha_Damjanovski
Runtime: 590.00
Views: 849 | Comments: 0
Mr Carton cumule les cartons et c'est peu de le dire !

Écrit & réalisé par Michaël Bolufer
Musique : Laurent Péju
Sound design & mastering : AudioplumStudio
Produit par DiglootProd & Michaël Bolufer
Added: 135 days ago by Michaël_Bolufer
Runtime: 77.00
Views: 598 | Comments: 0
Synopsis (en): THE MAIDEN is the dark tale of a real estate agent who will stop at nothing to close the sale on a demonic mansion
Synopsis (fr): C'est l'histoire d'un agent immobilier qui est prêt à tout pour conclure la vente d'une maison démoniaque.

writer & director / MICHAEL CHAVES
director of photography / TRISTAN NYBY
producer / DAVID MOORE
producer / LYNDA PRYBIL
casting director / DINA BUGLIONE
production designer / KYLE KINSELLA

The Cast
Added: 144 days ago by Michael_Chaves
Runtime: 540.00
Views: 599 | Comments: 0
Beauty of the loop is a 2D animated isometric music video that solely consists of loops. The animation tries to fathom the possibilities and restrictions of exclusively working with loops. The combination of these loops and the song takes the viewer on an expedition through a surreal geometric world – over and over again.
This is my graduation project at Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule (btk).

Animation: Felix Neumann
Music: Bluestaeb Rodalquilar
Added: 151 days ago by Felix_von_Liska
Runtime: 178.00
Views: 731 | Comments: 0
À l’occasion de la journée internationale de lutte contre l’homophobie et la transphobie le 17 mai, découvrez le film "Encore des mots, toujours des mots, les mêmes mots…" que j’ai souhaité réaliser pour rappeler que chaque parole a un sens et peut parfois être aussi violente et dangereuse qu’un acte. Des mots qui peuvent heurter, blesser, voire tuer.
Un film et une démarche sans prétention, une petite contribution pour promouvoir un message de tolérance et de lutte contre les discriminations.

Réalisation de Franck Villette (version sous-titrée en anglais - with English subtitles)
Added: 160 days ago by lesfilmsavenir
Runtime: 92.00
Views: 840 | Comments: 0
Synopsis (en):Many live out the passion of riding every day...
Synopsis (fr): Beaucoup vivent la passion du riding chaque jour...

Directed and edited by Nicolas Debin
Camera operators : Pierre Chantry, Julien Hocquet, Nicolas Debin
Cast/Riders : Cyrille Hattat, Guillaume Dollé
Music : CC Artists / DJ Delivery - Bad Man ; Solaire - My Hands, Your Neck ; Ciruelo Cilindrico - Eclipse
Shot in : Reims, Champagne-Ardenne (51) / FRANCE
Many Thanks to : Pierre Chantry, Julien Hocquet, Marc Garnier, Antoine Garnier, Anna-Lisa de Maestri, Cyrille Hattat, Guillaume Dollé, Serge Pommert, Quentin Tiburce, rémi Werse.
Added: 164 days ago by Nicolas_Debin
Runtime: 355.00
Views: 747 | Comments: 0
This is the first short film movie project by Prebeo Animation Studios. The short film is released under the CC-BY License. The film was created with the help of all the early book supporters which made this film even more possible, so a big thank you to them!

Produced at: Prebeo Animation Studios
Created by: Nick Brunner
Music by: The Music Bed (Light's and Motion)
Project funded by: Discovering Nature eBook
Added: 172 days ago by Nick_Brunner
Runtime: 274.00
Views: 666 | Comments: 0
Synopsis (fr): Une caméra, un ring, un boxeur et cette voix rauque qui retranscrit, au travers de ce film, ce boxeur prisonnier de ses souvenirs et qui se pose cette simple question : "Combien faut-il de jours à son âme pour pardonner ?". Une métaphore sur la vengeance et la rédemption où les coups tutoient le diable et l’âme les anges. Un film personnel et symbolique qui vient en prolongement de mon précédent court-métrage "Vindictam".
Synopsis (en): A camera, a ring, a boxer and that hoarse voice that transcribes, through this film prisoner boxer of his memories and who pose this simple question: "How does it take days to forgive her soul?". A metaphor about revenge and redemption where the shots flirt with the devil and soul angels. Personal and symbolic film that is an extension of my previous short film "Vindictam".

Production et Réalisation: Gabriel KALUSZYNSKI
Image Mickey MAHUT
Prise de son Alexandre GALINDO
Montage Image Gabriel KALUSZYNSKI
Etalonnage Jean-Michel PETIT
Musique "Fruit of the Loom 2" de Baptiste THIRY Cézame Music Agency Sound Design Arthaud VERSAVEAUD
Mixage Son Alexandre POIRIER
Lieu des prises de vue Temple - Noble Art 11 rue Molière - 75001 Paris Post-Production Son Comptoir du Son et des images Archives Images Le Ghetto de Varsovie (INA)
Acteurs: Stéphane Bouquet - Phillippe Spiteri
Added: 181 days ago by okma
Runtime: 216.00
Views: 1011 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: In this episode of the Caminandes cartoon series we get to know our hero Koro even better! It's winter in Patagonia, food is getting scarce. Koro the Llama engages with Oti the pesky penguin, in an epic fight over that last tasty berry.
Synopsis (fr): Dans ce nouvel épisode du cartoon Caminandes nous allons connaitre beaucoup mieux notre héro Koro. C'est l'hiver en Patagonie, la nourriture est devenue rare. Koro le lama participe avec Oti le sale pinguin à un combat pour récupérer la dernière baie.

This short 'Free Culture' animation film was made with the free 3D software Blender and funded by the subscribers of the Blender Cloud platform. Already since 2007, Blender Institute successfully combines film and media production with improving a free and open source 3D creation pipeline.
Currently a lot of extra material and tutorials is being produced, to share the full production with the cloud subscribers.
Special thanks goes to the music by Torin Borrowdale, the sound effects by Sander Houtman and the render power of RenderStreet.

Release date: 29 January 2016
Duration: 2m30s
Director: Pablo Vazquez
Music: Torin Borrowdale
Sound design: Sander Houtman
Layout and animation direction: Hjalti Hjalmarsson
Character modeling and animation: Sarah Feldlaufer
Modeling, design, lighting, effects: Andy Goralczyk
Pipeline and production: Francesco Siddi
Story artist: Matias Mendiola
Rigging: Juan Pablo Bouza
Software support: Sergey Sharybin
Produced by: Ton Roosendaal
Added: 186 days ago by Pablo_Vazquez
Runtime: 149.00
Views: 908 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: Looking to escape his guilt and all things LA, a washed out tabloid photographer, ventures out into the rugged solitude of backcountry, where he comes face to face with a woman who haunts his conscience, reincarnated as a wolf by day and a woman by night.
Synopsis (fr): Cherchant à quitter Los Angeles et sa culpabilité, un paparazzi s'aventure dans l'arrière pays où il fait face à une femme qui hante sa conscience, réincarnée en un loup le jour et en une femme la nuit.

Starring: Esteban Bigliardi and Maria Alche
Director Of Photography: Ben Battersby
Production Designer: Victoria Marotta
1st Assistant Director: M. Chef Roussel
Line Producer: Agustina Costa Varsi
Editor: David Checel
Composer: Benya Barshai
Costume Designer: Soledad Haro
Make Up And Hair Designer: Paula Melfi
Location Sound Recordist: Emilio Iglesias
Sound Editor / Re-Recording Mixer: Wesley Slover
Casting Director: Walter Rippel
Director Of Photography New Jersey Unit: Mark Pugh
Animal Trainer Argentina: Guillermo Krauss
Animal Trainer New Jersey: Michael Hodanish
Executive Producers: Dan Shapiro, Alex Topaller
Colorist: Ale Armeleo
VFX: Gloria VFX / Aggressive
Foley Artists: Jamie "Foley Rambo" Hunsdale, Brendan Hogan
Written & Directed by: Alex Topaller and Dan Shapiro
Added: 193 days ago by Alex_Topaller
Runtime: 1030.00
Views: 882 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: Little Sofía loves her grumpy granny: even though she is always hungry and eats what little food they can buy. Her pension is the only thing keeping her and her father alive. To what extremes will they go to once granny is no more?
Synopsis (fr): La petite Sofia aime sa mamie grincheuse même si elle est toujours affamée et qu'elle mange toute la nourriture qu'elle peut acheter. Sa pension est la seule chose qui les garde en vie elle est son père...

Based on a story by Nina Kouletakis
Directed by Effie Pappa
Produced by Miranda Ballesteros
Voice Narration: Effie Pappa
Story adaptation by Effie Pappa, Miranda Ballesteros, Melissa Iqbal
Voice over written by Katerina Giannakou
Production Designer: Thomas Antony Lowthion
Director of Photography: Tristan Chenais
Editor: Sibila Estruch
Composer: David Pearce
Sound Editor: Marton Kristof
VFX Supervisor - Online Editor - Colourist: Ram K. Tripathi Samaveda
CG Supervisor: Daniel Neeson
National Film & TV School 2014
Added: 199 days ago by Effie_Pappa
Runtime: 660.00
Views: 1089 | Comments: 0
Synopsis (en): After his wife leaves him, Charles begins to assume the identities of strangers at a local coffee shop to avoid being alone.
Synopsis (fr): Une fois que sa femme l'a quitté, Charles va prendre l'identité d'étrangers dans un café pour éviter d'être seul.
"I loved this film. Funny, strange, daring... It continues to surprise." —Kevin Spacey
Winner, 2014 Cannes Lions Young Director Award

Based on the short story "Healthy Start" by ETGAR KERET
Cinematography by MARC KATZ
Production Design by YEUN BYUN
Supported by the Kevin Spacey Foundation
Added: 206 days ago by Hughes_William_Thompson
Runtime: 530.00
Views: 1398 | Comments: 0
Light fears Dark.
Dark resents Light.
Always at odds.
Always in conflict.
Pushing borders.
Losing ground.
Never ending.
But what is one without the other?
The stronger the light, the darker the shadow.

Direction & Animation: Animade: Ed Barrett, Russell Etheridge, Max Halley, Stephanie Johnstone, Tom Judd, Lana Simanenkova, Milo Targett
Animation production: Amy Knight
Sound Design Studio: Mutant Jukebox
Produced by Animade & Kontrastfilm
Added: 214 days ago by animade
Runtime: 377.00
Views: 1088 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: Susannah is living a typically quiet and dusty life in the suburbs with her husband Paul, when an unexpected visit from her son, Piers, surfaces a dark secret that has been brewing since he left the nest 15 years ago. As Susannah struggles to come to terms with Piers' relationship with his new girlfriend, her typical mediocre existence is slowly stripped away to reveal an obsession that is anything but typical...or secret.
Marigolds won BEST DIRECTOR at Underwire Film Festival and received rave reviews in Little White Lies, Best for Film and Varsity online at the London Short Film Festival.

With Jane Guernier, Gordon Mounsey, Alastair Southey, Alex Childs
Produced and Directed by Stephanie Zari
Written by Samantha Whitaker and Stephanie Zari
Story by Samantha Whitaker
Associate Producers: Elspeth and Philip Briscoe, Anthony Gill, Kate Opekar, Reshma Sohoni, Rachel and Liam Sullivan
Director of Photography: Mikolaj Jaroszewicz
Production Designer: Hannah Knowlton
Editor: Andrew Evans
Music by Moritz Schmittat
Costume Designer: Suzy Peters
Make-Up and Hair Design: Jennifer Nash
Sound Recordist: Ludovic Lasserre
Production Manager: Kimberly Weinreich
Added: 221 days ago by Stephanie_Zari
Runtime: 972.00
Views: 960 | Comments: 0
Synopsis FR: Seule sur une ile, une aventurière chasse le gibier quand elle fait de nouvelles rencontres.
Synopsis EN: Alone on an island an adventurer is haunting while meeting new people.

Un film écrit et réalisé par Pascal Giraud, Alexis Fradier et Julien Regnard
Musique: Dimitri Yanovski
Voix: Piera Fontaine
Son & Mix: Cédric Lebreton
Added: 228 days ago by Alexis_Fradier
Runtime: 465.00
Views: 1267 | Comments: 0
Synopsis EN: A woman trapped fight to get a new life.
Synopsis FR: Une femme battue se bat pour avoir une nouvelle vie

Cast: Carmen Vilao, Ramiro Alonso, José Antonio Marín & Marta Carrillo.
Director: Albert Lagos Muñumel
Scriptwriters: Albert Lagos Muñumel
Producer & Production Manager: Albert Lagos Muñumel
Cinematographer: Felipe Vargas Welch
Original Music: Gabriel Shadid & Tobias Marberger
First AD: Vicenç Guivernau
Editor: Albert Lagos Muñumel
Sound: Raúl Arias
Sound Designer: Raúl Arias
Make up: Lola Funes
Added: 235 days ago by Albert_Lagos_Munumel
Runtime: 261.00
Views: 1211 | Comments: 0
Synopsis EN: In the early years of the 20th century, two climbers make the traditional ascent, carrying a statue of the Virgin Mary to the top of a mountain.
Synopsis FR: Au début du 20 ème siècle, deux grimpeurs font leur traditionnelle ascension en emportant avec eux la statue de la vierge Marie en haut de la montagne.

Directors: Thomas Bourdis, Martin de Coudenhove, Caroline Domergue, Colin Laubry, Florian Vecchione
Compositor: Seth Stewart
Added: 242 days ago by Thomas_Bourdis
Runtime: 83.00
Views: 943 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: The last man on earth decides to take some drastic action.

Cast: Matthew Jure
Writer/Director/Producer: Carlo Ortu
Director of Photography: Andrew Fleming
Cam Ass: Jonathan L. Flint
Sound: David Major
1st AD: Craig Catlow
Production Designer: Graham Chalk
Runners: Josh Bamber, Luqman Ahmed
Sound Mix: David Major & Ben Hood
Editor: Carlo Ortu
VFX Compositor: John Sellings
Grader: Andrew Fleming
Music: Stuart Briner
Added: 249 days ago by Carlo_Ortu
Runtime: 139.00
Views: 1279 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: Un scientifique défit le Rhinocéros dans un duel motorisé. La course étant truqué par le scientifique, le Rhinocéros doit déjouer plusieurs pièges mis au point par son adversaire.

Réalisateur: Jean-marc MONTAROU
Added: 257 days ago by Le Rhinoceros
Runtime: 500.00
Views: 1291 | Comments: 0
One might be tempted to polish the thing, arrangements and background music by Miss Parker are no less tense. And even if guitars blow a melody, the voice is dark and the bass is melancholic.
Almost Like if Manchester's sky was fallen on Marseille insidiously.

Directed by Stéphane Esse
Added: 257 days ago by Esse
Runtime: 291.00
Views: 1336 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: Un scientifique invente un procédé qui permet de manipuler mentalement les individus par l’intermédiaire de corbeaux possédant un pouvoir hypnotique.

Réalisateur: Jean-marc MONTAROU
Added: 257 days ago by Le Rhinoceros
Runtime: 433.00
Views: 1391 | Comments: 0
Story, Direction & Animation: Or Bar-El
Drums: Dror Goldstein
Sfx: Joni Bar Ilan
Compositing: Tammuz Kay
Rigging and TD: Yair Halpern
Special Thanks:
Anat Costi, Yair Halpern, Gilad Kenan

Synopsis: A regular line, a regular work and a regular life. But what's happen when something new is coming?
Synopsis: Une ligne régulière, un travail régulier et une vie régulière. Mais que se passe t'il quand quelque chose de nouveau survient?
Added: 264 days ago by OrBarEl
Runtime: 446.00
Views: 1596 | Comments: 0
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