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DIRECTOR : Demis Lyall-Wilson SYNOPSIS : 365 days, 9 countries, 10 tenors and a whole lotta beer... 2003 is the real life documentary account of a bored Australian multimedia designer living in Scotland who suddenly found himself touring with a pseudo-famous band throughout Europe and the States. Inspired by the famous travel scene in Roger Averys "Rules of Attraction", he manages to squash an entire years worth of world travel, womanizing and extreme partying into 2 mins 37 seconds...
Array // 2003 
CHANNELS // Comedy 
Added: 3797 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 157.48 | Views: 8016 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Director: Nathan Juran Synopsis: When an abused wife grows to giant size because of an alien encounter and an aborted murder attempt, she goes after cheating husband with revenge on her mind
Array // women  foot  attack 
CHANNELS // Trailers  Classics 
Added: 3602 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 106.01 | Views: 7254 | Comments: 0
Synopse: It is the story of Simon Brodigan (Cliff Chamberlain), a young man whose life of confusion and broken relationships takes a turn when he meets an older woman at a cactus shop who is abnormally understanding of his self-destructive behavior.
CHANNELS // Drama 
Added: 1613 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 5400.00 | Views: 26247 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopsis: A traumatized woman is shadowed by a mysterious other in this award-winning psychological thriller in the Twilight Zone tradition.

"Great story, great performances, top level production values, thoughtful. Great film."
– Frazer Churchill, filmmaker, visual effects supervisor (CHILDREN OF MEN, SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD)

Cast: Brenda Banet, Jaclyn Carmichael, Susan Charalambous, Avery Clyde, Cameron Covell, Brahm Gallagher, Theresa Ravnikar
CHANNELS // Drama  Thriller 
Added: 1019 days ago by Keith_Putman
Runtime: 1020.00 | Views: 16053 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopsis: Une jeune femme vit à la campagne et travaille dans la ferme de son père. Elle est douée pour le dessin, elle aime pratiquer le graff : taguer les murs de la campagne environnante. Un jour des faucheurs OGM débarquent pour détruire un champ de maïs. Les CRS les y attendent de pied ferme. La jeune femme entend au loin les bruits de la bataille rangée. Un déclic se produit chez elle… | Synopse: A young woman lives in the country and works in his father's farm. She is good at drawing, she enjoys the graffiti: tagging the walls of the surrounding countryside. One day some anti-gmo land to destroy a corn field. Riot police is there, ready and waiting. The girl hears the distant sounds of battle...
Array // graffeuse  antonio  amaral 
CHANNELS // Trailers  Drama 
Added: 2004 days ago by licornecine
Runtime: 225.00 | Views: 4843 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopsis EN: A woman trapped fight to get a new life.
Synopsis FR: Une femme battue se bat pour avoir une nouvelle vie
CHANNELS // Drama 
Added: 569 days ago by Albert_Lagos_Munumel
Runtime: 261.00 | Views: 6294 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopsis (en): A business woman is drinking her coffee. Suddenly, she feels a stomach pain and goes to the toilet. It is too late when she realized that there is no toilet paper any more...
Synopsis (fr): Une femme d'affaire BCBG prend tranquillement son café le matin, lorsqu'un mal de ventre important la fait se précipiter aux WC. Elle se rend compte, trop tard, qu'il n'y a plus de rouleau de papier disponible...
Array // In  Deep  Shit 
CHANNELS // Action 
Added: 197 days ago by richard_mazallon
Runtime: 1680.00 | Views: 4180 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Director: Ari Allansson | Technical Team: Production, Image, Scenario, Editing - Ari Allansson Son - Jimena Castaneda Scripte - Vera Sölvadóttir | Actors: Helen Tange, Benjamin Salinger | Synopsis: A short film about euthanasia. An elderly woman wants her personal assistant to help her to die.
Array // Ari  Allansson  Helen  Tange  Benjamin  Salinger 
CHANNELS // Drama 
Added: 3003 days ago by aallanz
Runtime: 728.97 | Views: 28216 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopsis: Une jeune femme erre dans les rues de Paris en faisant le bilan de sa vie. Ce film est une adaptation d'un extrait du film : "La fille sur le pont" de Patrice Leconte. Ce film est exercice.

Synopse: A young woman area in the streets of Paris by taking stock of his life. This film is an adaptation of an excerpt of the film "The Girl on the Bridge" by Patrice Leconte. This film is an exercise.
Array // fille  sur  le  banc  bilan  vie  jeune  fille  betty  nicolas  diffusion  reservoir  films 
CHANNELS // Drama 
Added: 1816 days ago by Betty Nicolas
Runtime: 234.00 | Views: 28872 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopsis: Les aventures de Jean, accordéoniste qui vit dans la rue. Entre nuits en prison, une rencontre avec la femme qu'il aime et une fête improvisée dans un restaurant, Jean garde toujours son bon humeur et son sourire.
Synopse: The adventures of Jean, an homeless musician. He spends his nights in prison, meets the woman he's in love with and plays in an improvised party, always with his sense of humor and his smile.
Array // Musique  accordeon  nuit  rue  fete  cafe 
CHANNELS // Comedy  Silent Films  Trailers 
Added: 1436 days ago by Giuseppe
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 4404 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopsis: Claudia, a ten-year-old girl, leaves with her family to spend the weekend out of town. During their car trip, they decide to take a short rest at an abandoned gas station. The appearance of a strange woman will reveal her true fate to Claudia.
CHANNELS // Horror  Thriller 
Added: 1070 days ago by Teixidor_Pau
Runtime: 900.00 | Views: 12542 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopsis: A woman regularly runs through a wooded area where bizarre things start to happen. She encounters a few unusual sights just as personal elements of her life are coming to a head and her communication to the outside world via cell phone is cut off.
Synopsis (fr): Une femme fait son jogging dans les bois tandis que des choses bizarres se produisent.
CHANNELS // Drama 
Added: 843 days ago by John_Panton
Runtime: 468.00 | Views: 8768 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopse: 1880s California. A traveling hypnotist is hired to cure a troubled young woman. Will their rivalry blossom into romance, or will Estella continue to fixate on a love long since dead?
Array // Mesmerize  Me  Kate  Hackett  35  mm 
CHANNELS // Drama 
Added: 1585 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 1224.00 | Views: 4636 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopsis: A psychological portrait of two women: one cannot forget what she'd experienced – the other is forgetting against her will. The former is a Polish woman who runs away to the UK from her husband, taking their two daughters with her; the latter is a wealthy Englishwoman , who offers her a job. Each is going through a deeply personal trauma: Teresa is trying to give up the role of a victim and a co-dependent alcoholic wife, while Elizabeth is struggling against memory loss and being abused by her useless son, who lies and steals from her. A sudden visit of Teresa’s husband to the UK will completely change the course of events and cause that their life will not stay the way as it used to be.
CHANNELS // Drama 
Added: 752 days ago by Marcin_Kot_Bastkowski
Runtime: 639.00 | Views: 6223 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopse: In San Fernando, California, two gravediggers are filling the grave of the young wife of an unnamed old man. Hearing a strange noise, they decide to leave the cemetery but are attacked and killed by the resurrected corpse of the young woman. Meanwhile, in the skies nearby, a pilot named Jeff Trent and his co-pilot Danny encounter a flying saucer. Absorbed in his grief over his wife's death, the old man walks into the path of an oncoming automobile.

Synopsis: Dans les années 1950, des extra-terrestres, alarmés par la maîtrise balbutiante de l'énergie atomique, craignent que nos progrès scientifiques ne nous amènent à détruire par accident la galaxie toute entière. Ils décident alors de prendre contact avec les gouvernements terriens afin de les persuader de renoncer à cette course à l'armement nucléaire.

Array // Plan  9  outer  space  gravediggers  flying  saucer 
CHANNELS // Horror  Trailers  Science Fiction 
Added: 1678 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 99.00 | Views: 18793 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock | Writing credits: Joseph Stefano | Cast: Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles, John Gavin, Janet Leigh, Martin Balsam, John McIntire, Simon Oakland, Frank Albertson, Patricia Hitchcock, Vaughn Taylor, Lurene Tuttle, John Anderson, Mort Mills.| Synopsis: A young woman steals $40,000 from her employer's client, and subsequently encounters a young motel proprietor too long under the domination of his mother.
CHANNELS // Horror  Trailers  Classics 
Added: 2314 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 99.00 | Views: 30711 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopsis (EN):A woman. A old apartment. Pictures.
Synopsis (FR): Une femme. Un ancien appartement. Des photos.
Array // puzzle 
CHANNELS // Thriller 
Added: 407 days ago by Vincent_Templement
Runtime: 300.00 | Views: 5457 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopsis (fr): Une vieille femme hantée par le passé.
Synopsis (en): An oldwoman haunted by past.
CHANNELS // Art & Experimental  Gore  Fantastic 
Added: 857 days ago by Athalie
Runtime: 360.00 | Views: 8154 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock | Produced by Jack H. Skirball | Original Music by Dimitri Tiomkin | Cinematography by Joseph A. Valentine | Film Editing by Milton Carruth | Art Direction by John B. Goodman | Cast: Teresa Wright,Joseph Cotten, Macdonald Carey, Henry Travers, Patricia Collinge, Hume Cronyn, Wallace Ford, Edna May Wonacott, Charles Bates, Irving Bacon, Clarence Muse, Janet Shaw, Estelle Jewell | Synopsis: A young woman discovers her visiting "Uncle Charlie" may not be the man he seems to be.
CHANNELS // Trailers  Thriller  Classics 
Added: 2422 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 83.00 | Views: 30054 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopsis: Looking to escape his guilt and all things LA, a washed out tabloid photographer, ventures out into the rugged solitude of backcountry, where he comes face to face with a woman who haunts his conscience, reincarnated as a wolf by day and a woman by night.
Synopsis (fr): Cherchant à quitter Los Angeles et sa culpabilité, un paparazzi s'aventure dans l'arrière pays où il fait face à une femme qui hante sa conscience, réincarnée en un loup le jour et en une femme la nuit.
CHANNELS // Drama 
Added: 527 days ago by Alex_Topaller
Runtime: 1030.00 | Views: 5788 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopsis: A woman of mysterious kind goes through her life in a hotel room, alone, staring at the outside world with increasing desire soon to be flirting with the territories of untamable temptation and unbearable despare.
Synopsis: Une mystérieuse jeune femme écoule sa vie, seule dans une chambre d'hôtel, fixant jour après jour le monde extérieur par sa fenêtre. Le besoin de ce monde s'est depuis peu fait désir et flirte désormais, de plus en plus, avec les tourments d'une indomptable tentation et les territoires d'un insoutenable désespoir.
CHANNELS // Drama 
Added: 1112 days ago by Franck_Blaess
Runtime: 1258.00 | Views: 15761 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated

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