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Producer: Fleischer Studios | Synopsis: A group of lonely orphans are given broken toys for Christmas which is seen by Professor Grampy. The thoughtful inventor comes up with an idea to replace the toys with better ones, making the orphan's Christmas a memorable one.
Array // christmas  lonely  orphans  reservoir  films 
CHANNELS // Cartoon  Classics 
Added: 3157 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 501.01 | Views: 39778 | Comments: 0
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Réalisateur: Julien Dève | Production: L'USINE A FILMS | StoryBoard/cadreur: Julien Dève | Assistant technique: Alexandre Nicol | Lumières: Leslie Fleutry | Coordinateur des cascades & des scènes d'actions: Abdou Sagna | Musique: Stephane Coubray | Sfx numériques: Julien Dève | Acteurs: Abdou Sagna, Leslie Fleutry, Loic Ménage, Frédéric Patte-Brasseur, Les comédiens de la compagnie de théatre Still Kiddin' | Synopsis: Capturé à bord d’un vaisseau alien, Richard Landis, un ex-champion d'arts martiaux, va devoir se battre contre les meilleurs guerriers de chaque race extra-terrestre. Le plus impitoyable des combats pour survivre a commencé…
CHANNELS // Science Fiction 
Added: 2275 days ago by Julien
Runtime: 343.00 | Views: 34056 | Comments: 0
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Réalisateur: Olivier Paoli | Synopsis: J'aurais voulu être...peintre, photographe, vidéaste, un groupe de rock, cinéaste, paparazzi, DJ, candidat, documentaliste, G.O, sculpteur, groom, producteur, une référence... Du peu … Du presque rien … De l’à peu près, Du silence, (un pacte). Être … Un réel embarras de soi. Se méprendre … En rire et … Jouer, s’identifier.se louer ….
Array // olivier  paoli  citation  teddy  bear  toy  puppet  peluche  ennui  short  film 
Added: 2797 days ago by jauraisvouluetre
Runtime: 189.76 | Views: 34883 | Comments: 1
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Synopsis: SuperBot, a tiny toy robot, will learn that reality depends on the looking glass you are looking through.
CHANNELS // Animation 
Added: 1157 days ago by Trexel_Animation
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 15075 | Comments: 0
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Bodie is by far the best preserved ghost town in the United States.
Gold was discovered back in 1859 by William S Bodey and at its apex, the town had a population of 10,000 residents through the 1880's. Bodie was replete with the makings of old west folklore; gunfighters, saloons, miners, gambling halls and prostitutes, a rough place through and through. But the town's success didn't last and faded from 'glory' prior to World War I and was finally down for the count during WWII once all mining operations were halted due to the war effort. It was effectively abandoned with many of the structures retaining the inhabitants belongings because the roads out were toll and weight based; many people simply decided to leave their belongings behind to avoid large fees so the ghost town was born.
Today, after two fires, around 100 structures remain, (5% of the original town) some of which are filled with furniture, lined and matted with layer up on layer of rotting and sagging wallpaper. Some buildings are seemingly untouched time-capsules to the once treacherous lives of the miners and other inhabitants of the town. Kids toys sitting by the window, a ball peen hammer on the ground, strewn gears in a machine shop, and rusted hangers hanging in a closet. Walking the grounds, particularly the cemetery, I was overcome with a sense of foreboding and the gentle but incessant march of time continuing on. The once important lives buried under a wood tombstone were all but forgotten and those now nameless people who were loved or loved others, brothers, fathers, sisters and mothers, almost never existed unless you look at the uneven ground at a certain angle in the perfect light. We spent a week shooting with access to some of the interiors of the buildings, and the ability to shoot at night. Because it is located in the Sierra Neveda and its unique geography and high elevation, the weather was quite extreme and could change in a matter of minutes; most nights were very cold and the temperature often sat in the low teens and were mixed with snow, wind, and icey rain.
Bodie is kept in a state of "arrested decay" and hangs (sometimes literally) in a sort of desolated limbo, as the dry lumber, rusted nails, and worn masonry, slowly give into the sands of time.
Special Thanks to Ranger Tom Gunther. Thank you for your help!!!
Thanks to Matthews MSE, (Tyler, Bob, Ed) for helping me with some last minute requests and their use of the DC Slider and dolly track.
Array // town  ghosts  usa  bodie  broadcasting  reservoir  films 
CHANNELS // Clips 
Added: 1408 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 120.00 | Views: 24347 | Comments: 0
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Synopsis fr: puppet show ducky mup et ses toys
Synopsis en: that's totally bonkers ducky mup and toys
Array // wonderful  mupett  ducky  dance  song  toys  effeil  tower 
CHANNELS // Clips 
Added: 1022 days ago by Pascale_Salkin
Runtime: 229.00 | Views: 3821 | Comments: 0
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