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Synopsis: Suite à la délocalisation de leur entreprise, trois sacrifiés du système prennent les armes et kidnappent leur ex patron. Bien que leur demande de rançon ait été rejetée, ils comptent bien prouver qu’ils sont prêts à tout pour obtenir l’argent qu’ils réclament…
Due to the relocation of their company, three former employees have taken their ex manager hostage. But when their ransom demand is rejected, they have no choice but to prove how far they can go.
CHANNELS // Thriller 
Added: 1052 days ago by yann_danh
Runtime: 930.00 | Views: 19045 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
AWAY is a short documentary film that looks at the subculture of NYC surfing through the lens of three women that surf at Rockaway Beach.
Official Selection in: New York Surf Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival, Queens World Film Festival, Aotearoa Surf Film Festival, San Diego Surf Film Festival, Board Shorts Film Festival, Pop-up Surf Film Festival, Never Stop Surf Film Festival, New York Open Film Festival
CHANNELS // Documentary 
Added: 734 days ago by Elisa_Bates
Runtime: 840.00 | Views: 11935 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
The Three Suns
Array // The  Three  Suns 
CHANNELS // Soundies  Classics 
Added: 3604 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 141.51 | Views: 13484 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopsis: When three fidelity phobic misfits find themselves in the same cafe, their love and hate for all things romance related make them far more similar than they think.
Array // date  night 
CHANNELS // Drama 
Added: 607 days ago by Reggie_Yates
Runtime: 336.00 | Views: 3365 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopse: The stooges are witnesses at a trial where their friend, a dancer at a nightclub where they are musicians, is accused of murder. The stooges manage to disrupt the proceedings but save the day when they discover the real murderer's identity.
CHANNELS // Comedy 
Added: 1645 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 636.00 | Views: 25908 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopsis(fr): Durant trois nuit, un homme seul se rend compte qu'il ne l'es pas vraiment. Qu'en sera t'il de la quatrième ?
Synopsis (en): During three at night, a single man realizes that he are not alone. What will be you there of the fourth?
CHANNELS // Science Fiction 
Added: 967 days ago by WIP FILMS
Runtime: 1002.00 | Views: 22045 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopse: Three German provincials are searching for hollywood. So they take the most American values, they can picture: an absurdly vast car, full of fastfood, bottles of oil and camera equipment on the way to California via Route 66. That they never find Hollywood is not the only surprise - on their quest for the American cliches they face unplanned incidents. A documentary drama somewhere between Jackass and Michael Moore, between gloating and satire
CHANNELS // Documentary 
Added: 1595 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 5400.00 | Views: 24935 | Comments: 1
Not yet rated
Based on the short story by Igor Teper, THE SECRET NUMBER is about a man whose world is thrown into question. Psychiatrist Simon Tomlin (Daniel Jones) has a troubling conversation with one of his patients - a brilliant mathematician named Ersheim (Tom Nowicki), who intends to prove the existence of a secret integer between three and four. Ersheim's delusion compels Tomlin to dig deeper, but he only uncovers more questions -- about fate, connection… the nature of reality.
CHANNELS // Drama 
Added: 922 days ago by Colin_Levy
Runtime: 931.00 | Views: 8233 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Technical Specs
Year: 2012
Format: 35mm
Aspect: 1:2,35 (Scope)
Duration: 10’

I-will-not-tell-you-whose voice leads us through three extreme situations that are actually the same… Will you survive?

Firstly and foremost, a great story. A good script always makes a good movie and this is a fine, exquisite, original, breathtaking one.
Luiso Berdejo; the lad who used to make shortfilms in Spain and now directs Kevin-Costner-starred movies in Hollywood pens the script.
He is one of the finest suspense writers in the industry and has entrusted to Kamel Films one of the best short stories he has written. Ever.
Array // voice  over  making  of 
CHANNELS // Making Of 
Added: 1091 days ago by Martin_Rosete
Runtime: 629.00 | Views: 7284 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated

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