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A film by Fabrice Poirier & Philippe Macaigne (2010) | Real world image shooting & direction: Fabrice Poirier | Computer Graphics design & storyboarding: Philippe Macaigne | Editing : Fabrice Poirier | Technical advisor : Pascal Macaigne | Actors : Nina Roberts , Pascal Macaigne | Camera : Didier Feldmann | Lights : Adrien Gontier | Director Assistant : Luc Tison | Script : Leslie Lazzara | Catering : David Blumen | Special thanks to the SNCF Vaires/Marne yards staff. To enjoy this clip in its stereoscopic glory, use RED/CYAN glasses. Free 3D glasses here: fabrice.poirier (AT) gmail.com
Array // poirier  nina  roberts  mac  macaigne  space  soyuz  pravda  sue 
CHANNELS // Clips  Science Fiction 
Added: 2517 days ago by Fabrice_Poirier
Runtime: 189.96 | Views: 29730 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Director: Gene Deitch | Producer: William L. Snyder | Production Company: Rembrandt Films | Synopsis: Young Alice, having become a celebrity for her adventures in Wonderland, is in her bedroom dreaming about visiting Paris and sharing adventures with story book girl, Madeline. A talking mouse named Francois rides a bicycle into Alice’s bedroom and wants to conduct a survey about her favorite cheeses. Alice wants to join Francois in his native Paris, so Francois uses a magical mushroom to shrink Alice to rodent size. Together, they ride through Paris, where Francois narrates a series of short stories such as Madeline and the Bad Hat, Madeline and the Gypsies, Anatole, The frowning Prince and Many Moons. In the end, when Alice finally meets Madeline, it turns out that Madeline dreams of being Alice in wonderland.
CHANNELS // Animation  Cartoon  Classics 
Added: 2434 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 3000.00 | Views: 39389 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
A cat wakes up surrounded by water and must learn to survive.
This has been my passion project for the last year an a half. It started as vague ideas of a cat, ocean and overcoming fear. Then through numerous battles with the script it shaped up to something similar you can see now. After seven drafts I felt that it was ready to start storyboarding, but the film kept evolving all the way until the sound mix was done. I kept learning about filmmaking everyday, going through all of the different processes. I chose the cat as the main character mainly to save time with exposition, because people know that generally cats are afraid of water. So I could just jump right into action. Plus cat is a fairly small creature and the ocean seems even bigger to him. And of course cats are much easier to draw than humans. The film’s music is by my friend Bertrams Pauls Purviš?is who helped a great deal to tell the story the way it was intended. Music had a lot of to convey in very little time and it came out much better than I could’ve ever expected. I’ve been delaying the release for quite some time, because as I learned by making it, a lot of mistakes made earlier when I didn’t have the experience had to be remade from scratch. I’m glad it’s finally done and I can show it to the world.

Software: Photoshop, Toon Boom Animate Pro, After Effects, Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, Brushes app
Hardware: iMac, Macbook Pro, Wacom Intuos 4, iPod touch
Array // aqua  cate  wake  surrounded  by  water  broadcast  reservoir  films 
CHANNELS // Animation 
Added: 1503 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 450.00 | Views: 28328 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopsis: A very short story about love, separation, and having to say goodbye.
CHANNELS // Science Fiction 
Added: 1100 days ago by Niles_Heckman
Runtime: 420.00 | Views: 18752 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Story, Direction & Animation: Or Bar-El
Drums: Dror Goldstein
Sfx: Joni Bar Ilan
Compositing: Tammuz Kay
Rigging and TD: Yair Halpern
Special Thanks:
Anat Costi, Yair Halpern, Gilad Kenan
Array // beat  line  regular  pen  robot  work  draw  broadcasting  reservoir  films 
CHANNELS // Animation 
Added: 565 days ago by OrBarEl
Runtime: 446.00 | Views: 6517 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Director: Solomon Rothman | Synopsis: Boy Who Never Slept centers around the life of an insomniac writer and his relationship with a young girl he meets online. What begins as merely a friendship develops into an unlikely love story wrapped in harsh reality.
Array // boy  slept  life  insomniac  writer  relationship  girls 
CHANNELS // Comedy 
Added: 3409 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 2502.74 | Views: 28742 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopse: It is the story of Simon Brodigan (Cliff Chamberlain), a young man whose life of confusion and broken relationships takes a turn when he meets an older woman at a cactus shop who is abnormally understanding of his self-destructive behavior.
CHANNELS // Drama 
Added: 1579 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 5400.00 | Views: 25720 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
The story of Calamity Jane, her saloon, and her romance with Wild Bill Hickok. Production Year: 1953
Array // Calamity  Jane 
CHANNELS // Trailers  Classics 
Added: 3625 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 165.66 | Views: 13984 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopsis: The timeworn Dickens' story about the old merchant Scrooge and how his own disappointments in life shape
Array // Christmas  Carol  Reservoir  Films 
CHANNELS // Trailers  Classics 
Added: 3234 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 162.56 | Views: 34183 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Director: Stanley Kubrick | Synopsis: Based on Kubrick's pictorial for Look Magazine (January 18, 1949) entitled "Prizefighter," "Day Of The Fight" tells of a day in the life of a middleweight Irish boxer named Walter Cartier, particularly the day of his bout with black middleweight Bobby James. This 16-minute short opens with a short (about 4 minutes) study of boxing's history, narrated by veteran newscaster Douglas Edwards in a no-nonsense, noir tone of voice. After this, we follow Walter (and his twin brother Vincent) through his day as he prepares for his 10:00 P.M. bout. After eating breakfast, going to early mass and eating lunch, he starts arranging his things for the fight at 4:00 P.M. By 8:00, he is waiting in his dressing room, where he undergoes a mental transformation, turning into the fighting machine the crowd clamors for. At 10:00, he faces James, and soon, he comes out victorious in a short match which was filmed live on April 17th, 1950. / Ce documentaire, premier film de Kubrick, est consacré au boxeur poids moyen irlandais Walter Cartier sur lequel le cinéaste avait fait un reportage photo, intitulé "Prizefighter", pour le magazine Look.
CHANNELS // Documentary  Classics 
Added: 3470 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 949.51 | Views: 18866 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Réalisateur: Fabrice Poirier | Production: UNIFILMS Production | Consultante Scénario: Edith Saint Germain | Images: Laurent Sales | Montage: Didier Feldmann & Fabrice Poirier | Musique/Bande originale: MAC (Pravda) | Etalonnage: Didier Feldmann | Décor piscine: Jean-Louins Priou | Assistante de production: Stéphanie Vacqué | Avec Dounia Coesens, Sarah Sediki, Danielle Mazel, Antoine Coesens, Jean-Louis Mazel, Patrick Vacqué Storyboard: Eva Garczynski | Synopsis: Une jeune fille aux airs angéliques et naïfs. L'un après l'autre, les hommes qu'elle rencontre disparaissent. En arrière-fond,l'omniprésence d'un homme qui, lui, ne disparaîtra jamais...
CHANNELS // Drama  Art & Experimental 
Added: 2598 days ago by Fabrice_Poirier
Runtime: 435.00 | Views: 40811 | Comments: 0
Director: Fabrice Poirier | Production: UNIFILMS Production | Screenplay Consultant: Edith Saint Germain | Photography : Laurent Sales | Editing: Fabrice Poirier | Editing assistant : Didier Feldmann Music/Soundtrack: MAC (Pravda) | Calibration : Didier Feldmann | Pool Decor: Jean-Louins Priou | Production Assistant: Stéphanie Vacqué | With Dounia Coesens, Sarah Sediki, Danielle Mazel, Antoine Coesens, Jean-Louis Mazel, Patrick Vacqué Storyboard: Eva Garczynski | Synopse: An naive, angelic young girl walks along the roadside. The men she meets disappear one after the other. In the background, there's a steady man, who will never disappear...
CHANNELS // Drama  Art & Experimental 
Added: 2537 days ago by Fabrice_Poirier
Runtime: 435.00 | Views: 33706 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: A traumatized woman is shadowed by a mysterious other in this award-winning psychological thriller in the Twilight Zone tradition.

"Great story, great performances, top level production values, thoughtful. Great film."
– Frazer Churchill, filmmaker, visual effects supervisor (CHILDREN OF MEN, SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD)

Cast: Brenda Banet, Jaclyn Carmichael, Susan Charalambous, Avery Clyde, Cameron Covell, Brahm Gallagher, Theresa Ravnikar
CHANNELS // Drama  Thriller 
Added: 986 days ago by Keith_Putman
Runtime: 1020.00 | Views: 15490 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Producer: Ton Roosendaal, Director: Bassam Kurdali, Art Director: Andreas Goralczyk, Lead Artist: Matt Ebb, Bastian Salmela, Lee Salvemini, Technical Director: Toni Alatalo, Music/Sound Designer: Jan Morgenstern Screenplay: Pepijn Zwanenburg, Original Concept & Scenario: Andreas Goralczyk, Bassam Kurdali, Bassam Kurdali Ton Roosendaal, Additional Artwork and Animation: Enrico Valenza, D. Roland Hess, Robert Ives, Joeri Kassenaar, Texture Photography: Andrea Weikert, Campbell Barton, Charles Wardlaw, D. Roland Hess, Dan LeFebvre, Daniel Freeman, Fintan Boyle, Gez, Kernon Dillon, Lozeta, Matthijs Zwinderman, Noah Wiswell, Stephen Chan | Synopsis: The film tells the story of Emo and Proog, two people with different visions of the surreal world in which they live. Viewers are taken on a journey through that world, full of strange mechanical birds, stunning technological vistas and machinery that seems to have a life of its own.
Array // elephant  dream 
CHANNELS // Animation 
Added: 2718 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 600.00 | Views: 26410 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
The heartbreaking story of two people and a cat, stranded in post-apocalyptic underwater Brooklyn.
Follow Sam, Evan, and Hippo the cat as they struggle to survive and find meaning in a flooded world haunted by remnants of the past.
Array // Fathoms 
CHANNELS // Animation 
Added: 1084 days ago by Joe_Russ
Runtime: 1200.00 | Views: 10230 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Director: Gunther von Fritsch Starring: Steve Holland, Irene Champlin, Joseph Nash | Synopsis: Flash Gordon is a science fiction television series based on the characters of the Alex Raymond-created comic strip of the same name. Diverging from the storyline of the comics, the series set Flash, Dale Arden and Dr. Zarkov in the year 3203. As agents of the Galactic Bureau of Investigation, the team travels the galaxy in their ship the Sky Flash, battling cosmic villains under the order of Commander Paul Richards.
CHANNELS // Action  Science Fiction  Classics 
Added: 2396 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 1543.00 | Views: 32967 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Réalisateur: Julien Dève | Production: L'USINE A FILMS | StoryBoard/cadreur: Julien Dève | Assistant technique: Alexandre Nicol | Lumières: Leslie Fleutry | Coordinateur des cascades & des scènes d'actions: Abdou Sagna | Musique: Stephane Coubray | Sfx numériques: Julien Dève | Acteurs: Abdou Sagna, Leslie Fleutry, Loic Ménage, Frédéric Patte-Brasseur, Les comédiens de la compagnie de théatre Still Kiddin' | Synopsis: Capturé à bord d’un vaisseau alien, Richard Landis, un ex-champion d'arts martiaux, va devoir se battre contre les meilleurs guerriers de chaque race extra-terrestre. Le plus impitoyable des combats pour survivre a commencé…
CHANNELS // Science Fiction 
Added: 2272 days ago by Julien
Runtime: 343.00 | Views: 34025 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
DIRECTOR : Demis Lyall-Wilson SYNOPSIS : A man finds his fate locked within a modern-day fairytale, where the Prince may not always get the girl. With sickly sweet storytelling over the brutally plain backdrop of the real world, Grimm is a fairytale we can relate to all too well...
Array // grimm  magic 
CHANNELS // Comedy 
Added: 3619 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 214.32 | Views: 9381 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Réalisateur: Jean-Olivier Equipe_Technique: Premier assistant réalisateur: RIBAUDO François | Deuxième assistant réalisateur: MLANAO Naïr VIEILLARD-BARON Vincent: Directeur photo / Cadre | Premier assistant caméra : MENDOZA Andres | Second assistant caméra: GOUDIER David | Chef-électro: Romain Ruiz Régisseur-général: Thibaut Sauviat | Régisseuse-adjointe : JEAN-JEAN Clémence | Scripte : BOUTEILLER Sophie Monteur / étalonnage: Bruno Grassini | Story-boarder: MORTEVEILLE Julien | Effets spéciaux: BAPTISTA Mathieu Karim Mouloud | Maquillage et costumes: BOUILLET Elise Prise de son: Becaye Fall | Musique originale de : SANTORIO Sylvano | Acteurs: DAPSENCE Aymeric, JONES Diana | Synopsis: C'est la panique dans tout le pays : la pandémie de grippe H5N1 est là. Mais au lieu d'entraîner la mort, le virus provoque une transformation innatendue chez les personnes infectées. Jérémy et Diane tentent de fuir le danger en dehors des villes mais ils vont devoir faire face à cette nouvelle réalité.
CHANNELS // Horror  Gore 
Added: 3009 days ago by olivier244
Runtime: 505.96 | Views: 45383 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: A story about a terrible illness that has touched so many...
CHANNELS // Drama  Thriller 
Added: 1000 days ago by wesley_versteeg
Runtime: 720.00 | Views: 12672 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
«Ce n’est pas la destination qui compte. C’est le voyage. Vous devez surement me prendre pour un fou en me voyant allongé sur cette route... Et vous avez sans doute raison. Le devenir a été la plus belle chose qui me soit arrivée...Je l’ai croisée il y a quelques mois sur une route comme celle-ci. Belle et assez folle pour me redonner l’envie de vivre...»
Based on a true invented story:
"It is not the destination, but the journey that matters..."
Array // her    name    is    crazy    paillowski    brothers    loic    paillard    arnaud    sadowski    leslie    coutterand    zack    zublena    film   
CHANNELS // Comedy 
Added: 1291 days ago by paillowskibrothers
Runtime: 1200.00 | Views: 22399 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Based on a true invented story:
"It is not the destination, but the journey that matters..."
Array // name  crazy  making  of 
CHANNELS // Comedy  Making Of 
Added: 1280 days ago by paillowskibrothers
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 15364 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopsis: This is the story of a house which escapes from its suburban foundations and sets off on an epic journey.
CHANNELS // Animation 
Added: 727 days ago by Pierre_Clenet
Runtime: 600.00 | Views: 9482 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopsis EN: A woman trapped fight to get a new life.
Synopsis FR: Une femme battue se bat pour avoir une nouvelle vie
CHANNELS // Drama 
Added: 536 days ago by Albert_Lagos_Munumel
Runtime: 261.00 | Views: 5695 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated

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