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Story, Direction & Animation: Or Bar-El
Drums: Dror Goldstein
Sfx: Joni Bar Ilan
Compositing: Tammuz Kay
Rigging and TD: Yair Halpern
Special Thanks:
Anat Costi, Yair Halpern, Gilad Kenan
Array // beat  line  regular  pen  robot  work  draw  broadcasting  reservoir  films 
CHANNELS // Animation 
Added: 597 days ago by OrBarEl
Runtime: 446.00 | Views: 7000 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
It started as an idea about a lonely robot who sells ice cream. In order to survive in a severe reality he recreates an imaginary world where he lives every day, like he did during the best time of his life.
After several years of production and a one-year festival run we're ready to present our first animated short film to you! Giant thanks to everybody who participated in the project for a fantastic work!
CHANNELS // Animation 
Added: 1074 days ago by Anton_Chistiakov
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 17808 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
A small robot is born and sets out into the world, happily performing his simple tasks. Suddenly, in a small but profound way, the world as he knows it changes. What follows is a downward spiral of jealousy, resentment and unrestrained desire.
CHANNELS // Animation 
Added: 1038 days ago by Scott_Thierauf
Runtime: 547.00 | Views: 14870 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Director: Fred M. Wilcox | Producer: Nicholas Nayfack | Production Company: MGM | Cast: Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, Leslie Nielsen, and Robby the Robot | Synopsis: A starship crew goes to investigate the silence of a planet's colony only to find two survivors and a deadly secret that one of them has.
CHANNELS // Trailers 
Added: 2508 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 76.61 | Views: 37691 | Comments: 0
Synopse: A scientist fascinated by the power built giant robots to enslave people by terrorizing them. To demonstrate its superiority, the scientist imposes its power through terror. But robots are destroyed by the Rhinoceros.
CHANNELS // Animation  Clips 
Added: 2042 days ago by Le Rhinoceros
Runtime: 331.00 | Views: 25732 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Directed by Phil Tucker | Starring George Nader, Claudia Barrett, Selena Royle, John Mylong, Gregory Moffett, Pamela Paulson, George Barrows | Synopsis: Robot monster is a 1953 American science fiction film made in 3-D by Phil Tucker. Like the more famous Plan 9 from Outer Space it is known in bad-film fandom for being "so bad, it's good" and has the dubious honor of being considered one of the "worst films ever".Its cliched storyline and cheesy special effects has helped it attain status as a cult film.
CHANNELS // Trailers  Science Fiction  Classics 
Added: 2508 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 76.61 | Views: 28376 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Réalisateur: Nicolas Schmitt, François Tchernia, François Vacarisas, Vincent Vacarisas | Equipe_Technique: post-production et montage: Vincent Vacarisas | Musique: Bodysnatcher (album: Ninth Floor) | Label: Manic Depression Effets sonores clip: Julien Michel Maquillage: Adeline Loiseau | Acteurs: Alain Blanchard (président des U.S.A.), Tom (Capitaine Tom), David (Alien), Franky (journaliste), Lucas Gaudin (l'enfant), Thierry Dialo (le militaire), Gabriel Trocino (le Chef des armées), Audrey Schmitt (la mère), Corto (Tom enfant) | Synopsis: Dans l'univers des fifties les extraterrestres envahissent la Terre. Le Capitaine Tom et son super robot volent à la rescousse de l'humanité. Entre le clip et la fiction ce film pastiche rend hommage à la SF américaine de l'après-guerre.
CHANNELS // Super Heros  Clips  Science Fiction 
Added: 3203 days ago by pixelstreet
Runtime: 262.85 | Views: 41781 | Comments: 1
Synopsis: SuperBot, a tiny toy robot, will learn that reality depends on the looking glass you are looking through.
CHANNELS // Animation 
Added: 1186 days ago by Trexel_Animation
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 15519 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopse: The film’s premise is about a group of warriors and scientists, who gather at the “Oude Kerk” in Amsterdam to stage a crucial event from the past, in a desperate attempt to rescue the world from destructive robots.
CHANNELS // Animation  Action  Science Fiction 
Added: 1729 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 720.00 | Views: 22535 | Comments: 0
Synopse: An alien civilization, which facing eminent extinction, kidnaps two famous genetic scientists from Earth. A troop of soldiers is dispatched to combat the humanoid robots and rescue the victims.?

CHANNELS // Trailers  Science Fiction 
Added: 1584 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 180.00 | Views: 23418 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Réalisateur: Jean-marc MONTAROU | Synopsis: La vie pénible des robots au travail | Synopse: The hard life of robots at work
CHANNELS // Animation  Clips 
Added: 2043 days ago by Le Rhinoceros
Runtime: 513.00 | Views: 21621 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated

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