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Synopse: A crazed scientist invents an invisibility formula. He plans to use the formula to create an army of invisible zombies.
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Added: 3262 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 95.46 | Views: 34398 | Comments: 0
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Director: Walter Lang Synopsis: Set at the turn of the century, smooth talking con man Eddie Johnson weasels his way into a job at friend and rival Joe Rocco's Coney Island night spot. Eddie meets the club's star attraction (and Joe's love interest), Kate Farley, a brash singer with a penchant for flashy clothes. Eddie and Kate argue as he tries to soften her image. Eventually, Kate becomes the toast of Coney Island and the two fall in love. Joe then tries to sabotage their marriage plans.
Array // coney  island  singer  flashy  clothes  love 
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Added: 3388 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 129.23 | Views: 24694 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: An Atlanta cabbie is forced to change his plans when he decides to drive an unlikely passenger.
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Added: 680 days ago by Takashi_Doscher
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"Four O'Clock" is the only episode of Suspicion which Alfred Hitchcock directed. It was originally broadcast on 30/Sep/1957. Synopsis: Paul Steppe, a successful watchmaker, begins to suspect that his wife Fran is seeing another man. Consumed with jealousy, Steppe decides to murder her. His plan, he feels is ingenious. Painstakingly Steppe applies all of his watchmaking skills to the construction of a time bomb. He plans to slip into his house in the afternoon without his wife's knowledge, leave the bomb and then return to his jewelry store unnoticed and unsuspected.
Array // alfred  hitchcock  four  o  clock  murdered  Reservoir  Films 
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Added: 3274 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 2872.84 | Views: 38087 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: When a watch repair man acquires an antique pocket watch that can control time, he decides to use it to achieve his dreams. His plans soon become sinister when he learns he isn't the only one with the knowledge of the pocket watch.
More about the film: frankiemovie.com imdb.com/title/tt1949178
CHANNELS // Science Fiction 
Added: 1072 days ago by Mike_Pappa
Runtime: 1320.00 | Views: 14873 | Comments: 0
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Director/Réalisateur: Deaq Ray | Production: Christian Régnier, Gatsby Étévé-Sauré, Créazéro | Couleur | 2012 | Durée de la web série saison 1: 5h30 | Durée du trailer: 2'39 | Synopse: Ray, Raymond Némirowski, keeps a list on which he places the names of people who deserve to be taught lessons for their acts of disrespect. . . But, someone plans to steal one of his black lists and manipulate him | Synopsis: Ray, Raymond Némirowski est à l'origine d'une liste où il place les gens qui méritent des leçons pour leur irrespect... Seulement, quelqu'un va lui voler l'un de ses carnets noirs et le manipuler... | Cast/Acteurs principaux: Adèle Duquesnois: Candice Nechitch, Aimé Lamauny: Georges Fatna, Charlotte de Saint-Aignan: Armelle Lecœur, Claire Wittgenstein: Stéphanie Duval, Éric Cohen: Tristan Baille, Henri Marsac : Pierre Azéma Jade: Nanou, L’Infirmière: Bérangère Massé, La Voisine: Laetitia Genet, Marie du Closel : Anne Beaumond, Miguel : Nicolas Taffin, Rachel El Asri : Shinta Delanoe, Raymond Niemerowsky (Ray): Émeric Marchand, Sacha Niemerowsky: Jean-Yves Chilot, Alice: Emmanuelle Rivière

# La liste noire: Interview des comédiens #
Array // liste  noire  bande  annonce  diffusion  reservoir  films 
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Added: 2067 days ago by creazero
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Directed by Norman Foster | Produced by Sol M. Wurtzel | Written by John P. Marquand, Philip MacDonald, Norman Foster | Starring: Peter Lorre, Ricardo Cortez, Virginia Field, John Carradine | Synopsis: The British Navy in Port-Saïd (Egypt) is making plans for naval maneuvers with the French fleet. Plans are delayed because the British Secret Service has been warned about possible sabotage.
CHANNELS // Action  Thriller  Classics 
Added: 2391 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 710.00 | Views: 29763 | Comments: 0
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