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Director : David FRECINAUX | Synopsis: Vous connaissez la série à succès 24 Heures Chrono ? Retrouvez Jack dans une aventure.euh.differente. Comme tous les lundis, Fritz Gruger, un terroriste allemand, appelle Jack pour le prèvenir qu'il a posé une bombinette en ville ! Et comme tous les lundis, Jack se lève avec la gueule de bois et va devoir mettre hors d'état de nuire les méchants aux rires de méchants. | Première diffusion le 14-10-2005
CHANNELS // Comedy  Action  Parody 
Added: 3594 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 915.88 | Views: 24769 | Comments: 0
A cat wakes up surrounded by water and must learn to survive.
This has been my passion project for the last year an a half. It started as vague ideas of a cat, ocean and overcoming fear. Then through numerous battles with the script it shaped up to something similar you can see now. After seven drafts I felt that it was ready to start storyboarding, but the film kept evolving all the way until the sound mix was done. I kept learning about filmmaking everyday, going through all of the different processes. I chose the cat as the main character mainly to save time with exposition, because people know that generally cats are afraid of water. So I could just jump right into action. Plus cat is a fairly small creature and the ocean seems even bigger to him. And of course cats are much easier to draw than humans. The film’s music is by my friend Bertrams Pauls Purviš?is who helped a great deal to tell the story the way it was intended. Music had a lot of to convey in very little time and it came out much better than I could’ve ever expected. I’ve been delaying the release for quite some time, because as I learned by making it, a lot of mistakes made earlier when I didn’t have the experience had to be remade from scratch. I’m glad it’s finally done and I can show it to the world.

Software: Photoshop, Toon Boom Animate Pro, After Effects, Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, Brushes app
Hardware: iMac, Macbook Pro, Wacom Intuos 4, iPod touch
Array // aqua  cate  wake  surrounded  by  water  broadcast  reservoir  films 
CHANNELS // Animation 
Added: 1499 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 450.00 | Views: 28255 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Director: Ozlive Pictures | Synopsis: clip musical Verko OP
Array // ozlive  clip 
CHANNELS // Clips 
Added: 3502 days ago by ozlive
Runtime: 246.00 | Views: 27879 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Réalisateur: Sean McBride | Acteurs: Dreamers: Teejay Wallace, Tony DiRado, Joseph Procida, Elizabeth Procida, Mary McBride, Feroza Mistry, Tyler Krohn | Synopsis: People confess their real dreams--some scary, some silly--all animated in different styles.
Array // dreams  rocket  pack  sept  11  beach  breathe  underwater  boss  died  video  game  crayon  reservoir  films 
Added: 3207 days ago by seanmcbride
Runtime: 360.11 | Views: 37051 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Producer: Ton Roosendaal, Director: Bassam Kurdali, Art Director: Andreas Goralczyk, Lead Artist: Matt Ebb, Bastian Salmela, Lee Salvemini, Technical Director: Toni Alatalo, Music/Sound Designer: Jan Morgenstern Screenplay: Pepijn Zwanenburg, Original Concept & Scenario: Andreas Goralczyk, Bassam Kurdali, Bassam Kurdali Ton Roosendaal, Additional Artwork and Animation: Enrico Valenza, D. Roland Hess, Robert Ives, Joeri Kassenaar, Texture Photography: Andrea Weikert, Campbell Barton, Charles Wardlaw, D. Roland Hess, Dan LeFebvre, Daniel Freeman, Fintan Boyle, Gez, Kernon Dillon, Lozeta, Matthijs Zwinderman, Noah Wiswell, Stephen Chan | Synopsis: The film tells the story of Emo and Proog, two people with different visions of the surreal world in which they live. Viewers are taken on a journey through that world, full of strange mechanical birds, stunning technological vistas and machinery that seems to have a life of its own.
Array // elephant  dream 
CHANNELS // Animation 
Added: 2715 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 600.00 | Views: 26349 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Réalisateur: Fara Sene | Equipe_Technique: 1er Assistant : Hamid Jemaï | Son: Elie Mitelmann | Mix : Jean-Christophe Bork Montage : Fara Sene | Directeur Photo: Fara Sene Musique : Jimi Sofo, François Essindi, Jeremy Pons | Acteurs: Valérie Decobert, Xavier Clément Roger Jisa Dominique Frot Fara Sene | Synopsis: 22h34, une voiture est incendié dans une cité. Cet acte va déclencher une série d'évenement impliquant une mère de famille, un politicien en campagne électoral ainsi que différent jeunes d'un même quartier.
Array // mere  politicien  electoral  jeu  societe 
CHANNELS // Drama 
Added: 3106 days ago by Fara Sene
Runtime: 120.00 | Views: 29466 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: Vincent, un homme jeune, un peu moins de la trentaine, s’est enfermé dans le placard de sa chambre où chaque chose est rangée avec ordre. Il est seul. Il adopte différentes postures, arbore différents costumes, déguisements… et il se parle à voix haute ou plutôt, il joue avec les mots, altérant leur sens usuel… il essaye des tons de voix différents… Son père finit par le surprendre…

Réalisateur: Rose-Marie Garcia
Scénario : Rose-Marie Garcia Campos
Assistante mise en scène : Anne Lejon
Image : Claire Dutat, avec : Olivier Buchet
Cadreur : Olivier Halin
Son : Olivier Tison, avec : Dominique Dereymez
Musique originale : Samuel Martinez
Mixage : Dominique Dereymez avec : Erwan Le Gall
Effets spéciaux : Mathias Deshayes, Cédric Poligné, Ariok
Montage : Erwan Le Gall
Etalonnage : Erwan Le Gall, avec : Arnaud Roquette
Maquillage : Cyril Mesmond, avec : Alexandra Leleux
Régie Cantine : Thierry Bourée avec : Patricia Cueille
Chauffeur : Samuel Martinez
Production : Rose-Marie Garcia Campos
Musique : Maurice Ravel Concerto pour piano pour la main gauche ; Piano : Hélène Grimaud.

Acteurs: Maxime Bailleul : Vincent Jack Holiard : le Père Sara Ginac : Hélène Bruno Chansou : le Docteur Bruno Borie : le Dresseur Figurants : Patricia Cueille, Sébastien Broyard, Rose Flamingo, Bruno Chansou, Olivier Buchet |
Array // RM-GC  La  Regle  du  Je  Rose  Flamingo 
CHANNELS // Comedy  Drama  Art & Experimental 
Added: 2994 days ago by Rose-Marie Garcia
Runtime: 715.32 | Views: 10757 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Réalisateur: Simon The Pernolitz | Equipe_Technique: Réalisation/Caméra: Simon The Pernolitz | Costumes/Maquillage: Anne Carole Couzon | Montage: Flomotion | Acteurs: Isabelle Desplantes - Stéphane Bilella - Hugues Régnier | Synopsis: Autrefois. La légende raconte qu'un patron mexicain aurait pactisé avec une créature maléfique et fait vivre ses employés dans la peur. Une émeute des ouvriers mis fin à son despotisme dans le sang, mais son âme damnée a réussie à survivre dans une machine. Depuis ce temps, « La machine infernale » passe d'usines en usines en apportant la désolation partout où elle passe. Attention, La machine infernale arrive en France | Once upon a time in Mexico, a boss made a deal with evil forces from another world. He has been stopped by his workers but his evil spirit has been stuck in an evil machine. They call it the infernal machine, always ending in a different factory, bringing pain and disaster. Beware, The infernal machine comes to France
CHANNELS // Horror  Gore 
Added: 2868 days ago by The Pernolitz
Runtime: 138.14 | Views: 40470 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Réalisateur: Simon The Pernolitz | Directeur de la photographie: Lionel Laget | Ingénieur du son: Thomas Damiens | Maquillage: Sabrina Dorize | Monteur: Flomotion | Musique: Flomotion | SFX: Yann Euzenne | Montage et mixage son: Thomas Damiens | Acteurs: Stéphane Bilella, Isabelle Desplantes, Vincent Jivkovitch, Bertrand Barré, Philippe Dorize, Leandro Mateus Danalavicius | Synopsis: Once upon a time in Mexico, a boss made a deal with evil forces from another world. He has been stopped by his workers but his evil spirit has been stuck in an evil machine. They call it the infernal machine, always ending in a different factory, bringing pain and disaster. Beware, The infernal machine comes to France… | Autrefois. La légende raconte qu’un patron mexicain aurait pactisé avec une créature maléfique et fait vivre ses employés dans la peur. Une émeute des ouvriers mis fin à son despotisme dans le sang, mais son âme damnée a réussie à survivre dans une machine. Depuis ce temps, « La machine infernale » passe d’usines en usines en apportant la désolation partout où elle passe. Attention, La machine infernale arrive en France…
CHANNELS // Horror 
Added: 2383 days ago by simon the pernolitz
Runtime: 182.40 | Views: 30462 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
When opened, Hala Stulecia was the largest reinforced concrete structure in the world. With a diameter of 65m it was home to the largest dome built since the Pantheon in Rome eighteen centuries earlier.
The piece proposed for the Centennial Hall of Wroclaw is based around the notion of timelessness in architecture, and the idea of what future has meant throughout the 20th century.
Taking the 1910’s as a starting point (the dome was erected in 1913), historical and artistic references were used to reveal the architecture of the space. By using references such as Fritz Lang’s Metropolis or the utopian projects of Archigram to confront the different visions of the future at different times, Romain Tardy and Thomas Vaquié were interested in trying to create a vision of a future with no precise time reference. A timeless future.
Read more about the project on the ANTIVJ BLOG: blog.antivj.com/2012/o/
CHANNELS // Documentary  Clips 
Added: 1568 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 267.00 | Views: 20237 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Director: Laurent Vayriot | Director of Photography: Francoise Noyon | Sound: Nicolas Vasseur | Editing: Frederic Viger - Jonathan "Sidd" Barré | Music: Frederic Viger | Synopsis: In an austere décor, a writer busily types away under the mischievous yet somewhat indifferent eye of his wife. Clicking of an old typewriter, squeaking of a rocking chair, the persistant ticking of an unseen clock… One sentence: “Here’s to a better life…” / Dans un décor épuré, un écrivain noircit des pages sous le regard à la fois malicieux et indifférent de sa femme. Crépitement de la vieille machine à écrire, grincement d’un fauteuil à bascule, bruit répétitif d’une pendule invisible… Une phrase : “On va s’en sortir…“
Array // ecrivain  sortir  pages 
CHANNELS // Drama 
Added: 3609 days ago by Laurent Vayriot
Runtime: 462.96 | Views: 9230 | Comments: 0
Réalisateur: Jules THENIER | Equipe_Technique: Générique : Musique : Franck Lebon Image : Juan Siquot | Assistant opérateur : Rémi Mestre | Chef électricien : Stéphane Bloum | Electricien : Renaud Bertrand | Chef machiniste : Benoît Féréol | 1ere assitante réalisateur : Virginie Audouard | 2ème assistante réalisateur : Vanessa Bigot | 2ème assitant réalisateur : Nicolas Carchenilla | Scripte : Amélie Wencker | Producteur éxécutif : Jules Thénier | Directeur de production : Thomas Spony | Coproduit par DBE Films : Damien Bernard | Ingénieur son : François Régny | Perchman : Jérôme Petit | Chef décoratrice : Eva Julhe | Assistants déco : Antoine Fenske Johann Chassignol Galien Malferiol Sven Marion | Chef costumière : Julie Vigouroux | Chef maquilleuse : Léa Mauchamp | Régisseur général : Nicolas Mesnard | Régisseuse : Claudia Plisson | Régisseuse : Émilie Doan | Montage image : Jules Thénier Jérôme Renkly | Montage son : Samy Barnet | Effets spéciaux numérique fait à Stations services Infographistes : Jérôme Rotfarb François Grassard | Infographie du générique : Charles Michaudet | Acteurs: Anne-Elisabeth Blateau, Jean Vocat, Hubert Drac | Synopsis: Abandonnée il y a longtemps par son cher Peter Pan, parti depuis belle lurette avec la charmante Wendy, la Fée Clochette noie sa rancœur dans un sombre bar de la Terre. Inlassablement, elle ressasse ses souvenirs au grand dam de James le barman. Mais ce soir, les choses prennent une tournure différente: lorsque Peter débarque pour proposer à Clochette de repartir dans le Pays Imaginaire …
Array // peter  pan  clochette  barman  wendy   
CHANNELS // Comedy  Action 
Added: 2793 days ago by Aqrm
Runtime: 660.00 | Views: 32999 | Comments: 0
PostPanic director Mischa Rozema's new short film, Stardust, is a story about Voyager 1 (the unmanned spacecraft launched in 1977 to explore the outer solar system). The probe is the furthest man-made object from the sun and witnesses unimaginable beauty and destruction. The film was triggered by the death of Dutch graphic designer Arjan Groot, who died aged 39 on 16th July 2011 from cancer.
The entire team at PostPanic (the Amsterdam-based creative company) pushed themselves in their own creative post techniques to produce a primarily CG short film crafted with love.
The film's story centers on the idea that in the grand scheme of the universe, nothing is ever wasted and it finds comfort in us all essentially being Stardust ourselves. Voyager represents the memories of our loved ones and lives that will never disappear.
From a creative standpoint, Rozema wanted to explore our preconceived perceptions of how the universe appears which are fed to us by existing imagery from sources such NASA or even sci-fi films. By creating a generated universe, Rozema was able to take his own 'camera' to other angles and places within the cosmos. Objects and experiences we are visually familiar with are looked at from a different point of view. For example, standing on the surface of the sun looking upwards or witnessing the death and birth of a star - not at all scientifically correct but instead a purely artistic interpretation of such events.
Rozema says, 'I wanted to show the universe as a beautiful but also destructive place. It's somewhere we all have to find our place within. As a director, making Stardust was a very personal experience but it's not intended to be a personal film and I would want people to attach their own meanings to the film so that they can also find comfort based on their own histories and lives.'
Rozema turned to his regular audio partner, Guy Amitai, to create the music for the film. 'I approached Guy to make the music because I trust him and knew he would instinctively understand what I wanted to communicate with this film.' Their long-term collaboration over the years helped them explore different musical approaches before finally settling on a musical journey featuring analogue instruments. Amitai explains, 'Once we started working on this project and I told people about Stardust and what Arjan meant to us all, the offers started pouring in. Musician friends and friends-of-friends all wanting to join in and record even the smallest parts. It was an incredibly emotional and personal journey for us all - not something you can professionally detach yourself from.'
Array // stardust  space  voyager  1  broadcast  reservoir  films 
CHANNELS // Clips  Science Fiction 
Added: 1373 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 240.00 | Views: 25544 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopsis: There is this space dragons, reaching earth, a long time after the collapse of humanity. They are not interested by any of earth remaining ressources, as they can mine anywhere in space, but they are immensely interested by the history of tech civilisation that appeared here, for the impact that can have on their own philosophies.
They already found many planets sheltering lifeforms, but finding tech remains of a completely different civilisation that started to reverse engineer the universe itself, it is indeed for them, priceless.
They want to know how humanity appeared, what it discovered, and how it ended. To be able to explore the surface, they've been xeno-forming slightly the atmosphere, with minimal impact on the biosphere, with immense self building structures made of an alloy mixing earth less exotic mineral, called bauxite, and artificial nano organisms.
Now they are able to breath, the structures are entering a phase of controlled molecular decay, that will leave the earth untouched, as the sanctuary it is for them.
As they are cold blooded beings, and after evolving free from the reptilian brain, they did not developed death fearing religions, but rather a bunch of philosophies, aiming for the connexion of everything, and the decryption of the world.
That's why our little buddy, chose to study evolution of buddhism, trough its relation with human brain."
CHANNELS // Animation 
Added: 667 days ago by liok
Runtime: 100.00 | Views: 5440 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Synopsis: The paths of two starkly different men, a generation apart, converge late one evening for them to discover they share a dark and destructive bond.
CHANNELS // Horror  Drama  Thriller 
Added: 993 days ago by Pbiesemans
Runtime: 600.00 | Views: 9888 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
Director: Riccardo Alaimo Synopsis: we will enter in different ordinary life following a 50.000 lire fake bill
Array // ordinary  life 
CHANNELS // Art & Experimental 
Added: 3501 days ago by riccardo_alaimo
Runtime: 840.00 | Views: 19217 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated

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