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FEST comme Fantastique, Étrange, Suspense et Thriller. En partenariat avec la ville de Puteaux, l’association Les Films Avenir organise la deuxième édition du FEST’ival international du court-métrage. Franck Villette et Romaric Poirier, sont heureux de vous accueillir au cinéma Le Central, les vendredi 21 et samedi 22 septembre 2012 pour vous présenter une sélection des meilleurs courts-métrages français et internationaux du moment avec pour invités l’Allemagne, la Belgique, le Canada (Québec), le Danemark, l’Espagne, le Royaume-Uni et la Suède. Dédié au cinéma de genre, les thèmes du festival sont le fantastique, l’étrange, le suspense, le thriller, l’horreur, l’imaginaire, l’angoisse, l’épouvante, la science-fiction et les zombies. Plusieurs prix seront décernés par un jury de professionnels du cinéma, de la culture, des arts et des médias : prix du jury, prix du scénario, prix spécial du jury pour la technique. Le public décernera également un prix en votant à l’issue des projections. Le festival est avant tout l’occasion de faire découvrir des œuvres rares et des nouveaux talents, et de favoriser les rencontres entre professionnels et public. Cet événement est dédié aux amateurs de frissons, à ceux qui s’interrogent sur la représentation des mondes imaginaires parallèles ou étranges, ou tout simplement aux passionnés de cinéma et de cinéma de genre en particulier. Les organisateurs espèrent offrir au public et aux invités un moment d’art, d’échange, de partage et de découverte.
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Added: 1841 days ago by lesfilmsavenir
Runtime: 60.00 | Views: 17387 | Comments: 0
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Animation colorée sur les arts martiaux indiens. Cette animation est protégée, elle ne peut donc être réutilisée sans mon accord.
Array // animation  inde  arts  martiaux 
CHANNELS // Animation  Art & Experimental 
Added: 3338 days ago by vanessaguedj
Runtime: 46.16 | Views: 28209 | Comments: 0
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Synopsis: Dans une chambre d’hôtel délabrée, une jeune femme erre dans une sorte de cauchemar éveillé sans fin…?

Synopse: The Gamin (Adrienne Barrett) wakens on a dark night in a city of the Damned. Dressed like a beat chick from pre- rock'n roll days (except for an attention-getting medallion), she takes a switchblade from her dresser and starts out on the town.

CHANNELS // Horror  Trailers  Classics 
Added: 1691 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 57.00 | Views: 25785 | Comments: 0
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Director: Stanley Kubrick | Synopsis: Based on Kubrick's pictorial for Look Magazine (January 18, 1949) entitled "Prizefighter," "Day Of The Fight" tells of a day in the life of a middleweight Irish boxer named Walter Cartier, particularly the day of his bout with black middleweight Bobby James. This 16-minute short opens with a short (about 4 minutes) study of boxing's history, narrated by veteran newscaster Douglas Edwards in a no-nonsense, noir tone of voice. After this, we follow Walter (and his twin brother Vincent) through his day as he prepares for his 10:00 P.M. bout. After eating breakfast, going to early mass and eating lunch, he starts arranging his things for the fight at 4:00 P.M. By 8:00, he is waiting in his dressing room, where he undergoes a mental transformation, turning into the fighting machine the crowd clamors for. At 10:00, he faces James, and soon, he comes out victorious in a short match which was filmed live on April 17th, 1950. / Ce documentaire, premier film de Kubrick, est consacré au boxeur poids moyen irlandais Walter Cartier sur lequel le cinéaste avait fait un reportage photo, intitulé "Prizefighter", pour le magazine Look.
CHANNELS // Documentary  Classics 
Added: 3500 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 949.51 | Views: 19236 | Comments: 0
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DIRECTOR : Giulio Calisse SYNOPSIS : Tang Lung is a chinese agent and martial arts expert sent to southern France to steal back "the mirror", a precious artifact stolen by a gang of thiefs led by a certain "Lorenzo".
Array // Defending  The  Kingdom 
CHANNELS // Trailers 
Added: 3680 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 102.45 | Views: 10754 | Comments: 0
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Réalisateur: Rémi ANFOSSO | Equipe_Technique: Ecriture, réalisation, effets spéciaux, montage, mixage : Rémi ANFOSSO | Acteurs: Sylvain Begert | Synopsis: L'OEUVRE ET LE CORPS. "Un court métrage de Rémi Anfosso qui réinvestit un effet de vidéo composite dans une magistrale dénonciation des dangers de l'abus d'alcool ."
CHANNELS // Drama 
Added: 3094 days ago by bobkriska
Runtime: 184.00 | Views: 25913 | Comments: 0
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Synopse: After a tragic miscarriage, a young couple struggles with the decision to continue on trying for a baby.
CHANNELS // Drama 
Added: 1198 days ago by Matthew_Koppin
Runtime: 960.00 | Views: 17795 | Comments: 0
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Réalisateur: Julien Dève | Production: L'USINE A FILMS | StoryBoard/cadreur: Julien Dève | Assistant technique: Alexandre Nicol | Lumières: Leslie Fleutry | Coordinateur des cascades & des scènes d'actions: Abdou Sagna | Musique: Stephane Coubray | Sfx numériques: Julien Dève | Acteurs: Abdou Sagna, Leslie Fleutry, Loic Ménage, Frédéric Patte-Brasseur, Les comédiens de la compagnie de théatre Still Kiddin' | Synopsis: Capturé à bord d’un vaisseau alien, Richard Landis, un ex-champion d'arts martiaux, va devoir se battre contre les meilleurs guerriers de chaque race extra-terrestre. Le plus impitoyable des combats pour survivre a commencé…
CHANNELS // Science Fiction 
Added: 2302 days ago by Julien
Runtime: 343.00 | Views: 34517 | Comments: 0
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South African born Daniel Levi has a background in creative design and his experience of the visual arts, multi-media and post-production supported his transition in to directing. Daniel was featured in the Saatchi and Saatchi’s young directors showcase and won best new director at Kinsale. Daniel has directed campaigns for clients such as VW, HSBC, X-Box, Mercedes, Nike and Playstation.

Daniel’s music videos for Massive Attack, LFO, The Concretes and Plan B often come up on many all time best lists. In May 2004 LFO Freak won the prestigious Music Video Production Association Award (MVPA) for Directorial Debut.

After taking a couple of years off to focus on his other artistic endeavours; painting, photography and design, he is now back in the director chair and his branded content film Henry made in collaboration with Ogilvy & Mather and IBM received critical acclaim and debuted at the Vancouver Film Festival in the short film category even though it was made for a brand.

Daniel is currently in development for his debut feature film to be shot in 2014.
CHANNELS // Drama  Fantastic 
Added: 1248 days ago by daniel_levi
Runtime: 240.00 | Views: 20655 | Comments: 0
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Mac 'n' Cheese is an animated short directed and created by four students at the Utrecht School of Arts in the Netherlands. This roughly two minute animation took about five months to make, and about a bajillion peanut butter sandwiches.
Synopsis: When you find yourself running scared and running out of energy, there's only a few options left to outrun your opponent through the southern desert. Stopping at nothing, watch these two guys wear each other out and rip through boundaries hitherto unbroken. Enjoy the ride!

Tools used:
- Autodesk Maya
- Eyeon Fusion
- Pixologic Zbrush
- Adobe Photoshop
- TVPaint
Inspired by Team Fortress 2 and Meet Buck.
CHANNELS // Animation 
Added: 1548 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 162.00 | Views: 24130 | Comments: 0
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Producer: Famous Studios | Audio/Visual: sound, color | Synopsis: Popeye is planting his spinach bed. But just as he finishes, the plants start disappearing. He discovers a gopher filching the little baby plants and starts battling it. They tussle for a while until Popeye gets fed up and fetches his shotgun. He chases the rodent, running past a bull and cornering it, but he doesn't have the heart to shoot. He throws away his gun, hitting the bull, who attacks. The gopher rushes to the spinach patch, eats a plant, and hurls the bull into a ravine. He teams up with Popeye to plant more spinach
Array // popeye  gopher  spinach  Reservoir  Films 
CHANNELS // Animation  Cartoon  Classics 
Added: 3311 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 387.22 | Views: 39070 | Comments: 0
Synopsis: Alice, a medical student, buys herself a camera because she is convinced to have a rare disease and wants to prove it. Obsessed with this illness that eats her away, she neglects Ben, her boyfriend who remains powerless. Alice then starts to mutilate herself to get to what's hidden underneath.
CHANNELS // Drama 
Added: 616 days ago by Merryl_Roche
Runtime: 1200.00 | Views: 5621 | Comments: 0
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Synopsis: Chaque fois que je monte sur scène il est là, assis dans le public. Ce type me terrorise. La nuit dernière j’ai rêvé que je le tuais. Qu’est-ce qu’il me veut ?
Synopse: Every time I get on the scene. a man in the audience starts staring at me. He freakes me out. Last night I've dreamed about him. In my dream, I've killed him. What does he really want from me?
CHANNELS // Drama 
Added: 1728 days ago by ASM
Runtime: 1280.00 | Views: 30415 | Comments: 0
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Synopsis: Il s'agit d'un art martial basé sur la manipulation du bâton. Cet art a été utilisé lors de la colonisation anglaise. Les indiens étaient obligés de se cacher pour pratiquer cet art. (rappel : cette vidéo ne peut être réutilisée à des fins commerciales l'accord de la réalisatrice).
Array // animation  inde  arts  martiaux  Reservoir  Films 
CHANNELS // Animation  Art & Experimental 
Added: 3338 days ago by vanessaguedj
Runtime: 40.36 | Views: 36072 | Comments: 0
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PostPanic director Mischa Rozema's new short film, Stardust, is a story about Voyager 1 (the unmanned spacecraft launched in 1977 to explore the outer solar system). The probe is the furthest man-made object from the sun and witnesses unimaginable beauty and destruction. The film was triggered by the death of Dutch graphic designer Arjan Groot, who died aged 39 on 16th July 2011 from cancer.
The entire team at PostPanic (the Amsterdam-based creative company) pushed themselves in their own creative post techniques to produce a primarily CG short film crafted with love.
The film's story centers on the idea that in the grand scheme of the universe, nothing is ever wasted and it finds comfort in us all essentially being Stardust ourselves. Voyager represents the memories of our loved ones and lives that will never disappear.
From a creative standpoint, Rozema wanted to explore our preconceived perceptions of how the universe appears which are fed to us by existing imagery from sources such NASA or even sci-fi films. By creating a generated universe, Rozema was able to take his own 'camera' to other angles and places within the cosmos. Objects and experiences we are visually familiar with are looked at from a different point of view. For example, standing on the surface of the sun looking upwards or witnessing the death and birth of a star - not at all scientifically correct but instead a purely artistic interpretation of such events.
Rozema says, 'I wanted to show the universe as a beautiful but also destructive place. It's somewhere we all have to find our place within. As a director, making Stardust was a very personal experience but it's not intended to be a personal film and I would want people to attach their own meanings to the film so that they can also find comfort based on their own histories and lives.'
Rozema turned to his regular audio partner, Guy Amitai, to create the music for the film. 'I approached Guy to make the music because I trust him and knew he would instinctively understand what I wanted to communicate with this film.' Their long-term collaboration over the years helped them explore different musical approaches before finally settling on a musical journey featuring analogue instruments. Amitai explains, 'Once we started working on this project and I told people about Stardust and what Arjan meant to us all, the offers started pouring in. Musician friends and friends-of-friends all wanting to join in and record even the smallest parts. It was an incredibly emotional and personal journey for us all - not something you can professionally detach yourself from.'
Array // stardust  space  voyager  1  broadcast  reservoir  films 
CHANNELS // Clips  Science Fiction 
Added: 1407 days ago by reservoirfilms
Runtime: 240.00 | Views: 26103 | Comments: 0
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Synopse: A man receive a box right on his door. Something is going to turn strange...
16mm, B&W.
Best Film Award: 16 mm Short Film Festival - School of Visual Arts. New York.
April, 2010
Array // box  door  man  date  broadcasting  reservoir  films 
CHANNELS // Fantastic 
Added: 1213 days ago by tresvampiros
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 16828 | Comments: 0
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