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Synopse: Azureus Rising is an action adventure epic chronicling the origin of the freedom fighter known as Azureus. Based on the award winning short film, Azureus Rising is a 3D animated feature film concept that is unlike anything ever produced for the screen. A passion project of director David Weinstein, the concept was inspired by The Lion King and the original Star Wars trilogy.
Array // azureus  animation 
CHANNELS // Animation  Science Fiction 
Added: 1284 days ago by david_weinstein
Runtime: 336.00 | Views: 20089 | Comments: 0
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I know, I know it’s a utopia and everything but just image a perfect world in which each person on the face of the earth had one bullet. And you had the power to shoot whoever you wanted to, legally. Right? When you use your bullet you couldn’t shoot anyone else. That would mean there would be a series of drastic changes. There wouldn’t be any wars, for example, because if there were, there would be soldiers who couldn’t shoot more that one person and so it would be a stupid war. Politicians would have to be even more careful when stepping out into the street to talk since they’d be risking anyone shooting at them to use their bullet. They’d have to be even more careful about lying. It’d be like the bees who have to be absolutely sure about who they’re gonna sting since they can’t ever do it again. License creative commons.
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

Locus y Nerviozzo, dos raperos cansados de la industría discográfica deciden convertirse en estrellas mediáticas por sus propios medios. Para ello no tendrán que firmar contratos ni agachar la cabeza ante las multinacionales, tan solo comparar multitud de armas y entrar en la más grande de las compañías discográficas para regalar un poco de plomo a sus empleados. A punta de pistola y con gatillo fácil llevarán su disco personalmente hasta el mismísimo presidente de la compañía.
CHANNELS // Comedy  Action  Thriller 
Added: 913 days ago by Jota_Aronak
Runtime: 860.00 | Views: 8562 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated
George Lucas has created a stunning Universe that influenced millions of fans and changed their lives forever but does the creator believe in the Force? Watch the short comedy and find out ( special appearance by Steven Spielberg)
Array // George  Lucas  Legend  Force  Star  Wars  Steven  Spielberg  Fanfilm  Jaws  ET 
CHANNELS // Comedy  Science Fiction  Parody 
Added: 3499 days ago by DAVID
Runtime: 399.48 | Views: 33595 | Comments: 0
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Behind the scenes of one of the most entertaining and cheapest comedy of all time starring GEORGE LUCAS and STEVEN SPIELBERG.
Array // George  Lucas  Legend  Force  Star  Wars  Steven  Spielberg  Fanfilm  Jaws  ET 
CHANNELS // Comedy  Science Fiction  Making Of 
Added: 3499 days ago by DAVID
Runtime: 327.50 | Views: 31501 | Comments: 0
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Court métrage : "STAR WARS EPISODE 0 "PADAWAN MAIS PRESQUE". Il dure 5 minutes, fut tourné à Brétignolles sur mer (Vendée) début septembre 2007. Il a été autoproduit dans le cadre du concours organisé par la chaine Cinécinéma pour les 30 ans de "Star Wars".
Array // star  wars  padawan 
CHANNELS // Comedy  Parody 
Added: 3412 days ago by pierre chamaret
Runtime: 1274.25 | Views: 27054 | Comments: 0
Members of a new secret Empire have discovered the legendary Sith Inferno, an ancient Sith Weapon capable of destroying the Universe. The fate of the Galaxy will once again be in the hands of the Children of the Force: Jaina and Jacen Solo. Join the Jedi Twins in their new extraordinary action packed adventures filled with fantastic 2D Animation, alien locations and spectacular stunts.
Array // Prime  Jedi  Star  Wars  Fanfilm  Sith  Mandalorian  Jaina  jacen  Solo  force  children 
CHANNELS // Action  Science Fiction 
Added: 3499 days ago by DAVID
Runtime: 123.12 | Views: 32298 | Comments: 0
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